American Corporate Evil List

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American Corporate Evil List

The Most Evil Corporations in America:

(the list is in no particular order)


General Foods
Turned evil in November, 2006. (not their entire company, just a single product line)
They teamed up with Bravo! to produce flavored milk for children.
The first flavors released were Trix and Cocoa Puffs (flavored milk).
Apparently, kids got bored with the taste of milk, and General Foods decided to
use their well known name branding to sell this evil product.
The packaging is cute, attractive and very appealing to kids and greedy corporate marketeers.
One of the many tests for being a “bad parent” would be if you bought this product for your kids.
This is a company which began with the best of intentions, then turned evil
in the 1980’s. Their evil side is revealed when you look at the products they
license to market in association with their children’s movies.
As of late, every child in America must now own all of the Action Figures
depicted in each Disney movie. Also, every child must have a copy of each movie.

Their goal: “Cradle-to-Grave” customer trust and loalty.
Their method: Buy the favor of children by giving them free toys and Chicken McNuggets.

The United States Postal Service
Their leaders should really write a book. The title of that book should be:
“Managing a Company on Infinite Resources”.
In 1987, First Class postage cost 22 cents, at the time, we thought that was high.
Every time this company has a press release, everybody cringes, because we are all
clairvoyant enough to know that a postage rate increase is coming.
Their managers must be the most incompetent people outside of government.
Note to Postal Service: Save Money by only stuffing Home mailboxes twice
per week, instead of six times per week. Your revenue will stay the same,
but your delivery costs will be slashed by over 50 percent.
Music / Recording Companies / MTV
Are you old enough to remember when MTV was watchable?
Recording companies create ‘artists’, tell them what style of music to play,
then promote based solely on profits.
===== A good example is Rap Music =====
These ‘artists’ have the outward appearance of dangerous criminals.
Their lyrics and body language normally relate to causing injury to other people.
The settings for their videos are normally dark, back alleys that
you would never walk through — day or night.
Profiting by creating the image that this type of behavior is acceptable
for our younger Americans is unthinkingly disgusting.
For that, the recording industry comes as close to the pure essence
of Corporate Evil that one is likely to find.
When the Government broke up AT&T into the 7 Baby Bells
in 1984, Seven AT&T’s were hatched. These hatchlings grew into regional
monopolies that are as evil as the original. Multiply the basic charges
on your monthly phone bill by 25 Million to see how much money your regional
Baby Bell receives in one month.
For wasting billions of hours of our time
Subject: It takes ‘forever’ to boot up Windows
Quote from Microsoft website:
Customer research shows a frequently requested feature that users want from their PCs is fast system startup.” – DUH!
Their answer:
If you are an end-user seeking to resolve issues for boot/resume performance on your PC,
we recommend that you contact the vendor from whom you purchased the PC.

My answer:
Microsoft is saying that it’s not their fault that your computer takes too long to startup.
They are saying that your computer is TOO SLOW!
They make my Corporate Evil list just for making this statement.
You can read the full article here.

The ‘Dumb-est’ Corporations in America:

American Express
(If you have a merchant account with them)
Merchants love accepting VISA and MasterCard, but AMEX is another story.
I could write for hours about my experiences with AMEX, but let me condense it…
If you are planning to become a merchant, don’t accept AMEX cards.
Pitney Bowes

The most Incompetent company in the World
These are the guys that make Postage Meters. They have been around for a long time.
Their corporate goal is to suck money out of your business checking account.
Their products suck.
They have the most incompetent customer support people in known history.
You will rue the day that you ever contacted Pitney-Bowes.

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