Czech Mobile Phone Operators

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Czech Mobile Phone Operators


News 2015

Since the beginning of 2015 Slovak mobile operators cancel the roaming service between CZ and SK . So if you have Slovak prepaid card you can use it in Czech Republic without roaming. This include Data service too /Internet/

In this way if you have two prepaid cards /for example O2 Slovakia/ The price of conversation between the cards will cost approximately 3.5 CZK per 5 minutes . Less than 0.026 euro per minute  .Amazing

If you call a local Czech number with a Slovak prepaid card the price will be less than if you call from CZ number to CZ number .

There is no changes in the prices in the Czech mobile operators . Anybody surprised ? 🙂


Have fun, and keep you eyes open, as everybody in Czech Republic trying to cheat you .



Czech Mobile Phone Operators
Czech Mobile Phone Operators

Hi Guys

I just would like to share with you my experience related to Czech Mobile operators.

Czech republic have 3 GSM operators as Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2

Many people think that operators have some internal agreements between them because the tariff  plans are almost the same.In addition Czech Republic prepaid tariff plans are most expensive than the rest EU countries and  … they love to cheat foreigners.

If you try to switch your prepaid card to Contract tariff the operator will ask you to pay additional 5000 CZK for each SIM card you have as deposit.This is a kind of discrimination against the foreigners in Czech Republic

The prepaid SIM card prices :

If you have prepaid card from Vodafone your calls abroad / no matter which EU countries/ will cost you 11.5 CZK. If you call some other local operator it will cost you 8 CZK. Czech mobile phone operators still using prices from 20th century.

Another example :

If you purchase a prepaid card from Slovakia (SK) your calls aboard to any EU countries will cost you only 0.10 euros (2.6 CZK) . If you use your Slovak card in roaming in Czech Republic and call another country aboard it will cost you 0.30 euro (8 CZK), which is much cheaper than the prices in Czech Republic


In this way better solution for you is to purchase a Slovak /or another/prepaid SIM card and using it with roaming in Czech Republic – will be much cheaper than using Czech SIM card locally and without roaming. Fact.

There is another Mobile operator appeared on the market – Tesco Mobile . But I don’t have any experience with it, but anyway  better try to avoid any Czech Mobile Phone Operators

The mobile internet in Czech Republic is a kind of bad joke. The price of 25 MB /24h of data will cost you 25 CZK / 2 euro/. In Slovakia 150 MB of data usage for a month – 3 euro , or 512 MB monthly for 6 euro. EU data Roaming service 2 euro for 24 hours or 25 MB

Czech Mobile operators really still living in 20th century, or make its own citizens -stupid.

From my opinion is better to use Slovak prepaid card in roaming in Czech Republic , than locally  Czech prepaid card.

czech mobile phone operators

Be advised guys and take care

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