How Linkedin washing your brain

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How Linkedin washing your brain

Linkedin and the brainwashing
LinkedIn and the brainwashing

Every time when I opening LinkedIn website, I start thinking about the future of my children , and the next generations. I remembering the old movie “Idiocracy” and see how this funny movie become true ,during the last 10-15 years..  I am not optimistic about the “bright” world future seeing the stupid topics, and brainwashed peoples. Linkedit become most idiotic place and still keeping the brainwashed people from whole the word.Who needing that?

Searching there and trying to find something interesting , I found only topics of brainwashing people and conformists . A people trying to be noticed , and to be hired in some “good” company.

Unfortunately the good companies do not using LinkedIn , and do not posting good jobs there. There are only US and EU greedy monsters which trying to find cheaper, but smart people . They still don’t understanding that smart people are not cheaper, and usually they do not using LinkedIn to find jobs, because they never stay unemployed for a long time.

Some people comparing LinkedIn with Facebook , but in addition LinkedIn management trying to make ot -the new IT Facebook. Some people complain against the people which turning LinkedIn to Facebook, but they did not realized that is the LinkedIn management strategy too.  They said that LinkedIn should be place only for professionals , but it seems that its management do not think so. Why ? Because LinkedIn owners trying to make it as Facebook to earn much money from the jobless. So, stop complaining 🙂 LinkedIn is the next application trying to make money from the peoples needs . I am not against it ,  but I am not going to spend a money for this garbage. Unfortunately Facebook is the better place , because in Facebook you have more freedom, than LinkedIn.

LinkedIn trying to change my (your) mind , to convince me that the success is behind LinkedIn and the conformist behavior , which is bullshit. LinkedIn trying to convince me that I shall obey to each stupid thing or idea which coming from the greedy monsters. But they forgot that the good job never need any advertisements. Even the good jobs are not published anywhere.They are hidden and the companies never publishing it to the regular job seekers.


Actually LinkedIn is 80 % SPAM, 19 % advertisement and 1 % useful information  . This 19 % also including the HR agencies which serving to the greedy corporations , looking for a cheaper people to sell it later. Actually LinkedIn is full with useless advertisement , and USA dirty business propaganda.

There are no many people which found a good job using LinkedIn . Even I got some invitation from US military veterans during the last months . What they doing here ?! Trying to convince me that US army is peaceful ?! This is bullshit. Every smart kid know that US army only protect US corporation interests over the world.

Sometimes I got spam and scam from LinkedIn profiles . Some people trying to sell me something , but the worst thing in LinkedIn bet on the brainwashing activity . It seems that LinkedIn is made to collect and keep the stupid people at one place, to be available to the greedy corporation .I don’t want be an object which to be putted “on sale”.

The corporations have its own slaves. They are located in Linkedin as users 🙂

Take care guys , be smart.


Update :02.04.2016

A person just update me thru the contact email, that a topic related to NATO invasion in Serbia was deleted yesterday. It seems that LinkedIn do not tolerate the truth, and the people’s opinion, or the the different opinion, that not matching the freedom of speech .Even the kids know that NATO is the biggest terrorist organizations in Europe,and the biggest parasite in the world, serving not to the global peace, but the corporate interests ..

Yes, LinkedIn couldn’t be a place for military organizations and military activity , but  actually it is , and nobody deleting their topics. Seems that LinkedIn censoring the activity of the people which are not agree with the US propaganda and the military presence , and their “democracy” over the world 🙂

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