IBM Brno – Peoples dying on its working places

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We received this sad news in our mailbox recently. The information was confirmed by several peoples still working in IBM Brno.

Unfortunate this story is true

Rest in Peace dear friend

Our college Ivan Botzev passed away, in its own work place, at the office.Most probably due heart attack, or stroke.

Why this happened. Some peoples said that Ivan had some disease before,caused this sudden death , but why Ivan was at the work at this condition ? Why the EU health system not working well, to prevent it. How its happened. IBM did not informed his colleges official, including the funeral date, to be able to attend to its last journey ?! And not at the last position why the Czech labor inspection did not investigated the work condition in this corporation. I don’t believe that human life and health does not matter anymore.

  • There is no statistics and information how many peoples dying in IBM, or other corporations during its duty, how many people get sick caused by this stressful and non healthy environment, how many people have mental disorder later. Most probably because everything in the US corpoations is confidential. Including the death.Of course nobody will stop you if you need doctor. The peoples stopped itself , because they have to do many tasks pending, and they have to do it when return. Due very bad scheduled tasks, every activity in this company is urgent.In addition some people avoiding to visit doctor ,because the first three days of the sick leave is not paid in Czechia.Many IBMers working for a salary enough only to survive. Any unpaid day , may stress its monthly budget. This cause many people to ignore its illness , or completely neglect their health problems. But this is the modern healthcare. Doctors no longer cure the reason , but only consequences.
  • Peoples said that after Ivan`s death , its colleges was forced to collect donations , in order to buy flowers , and also for the funeral, and to support his family. Seems the company feel not responsible for the condition of work for its own employees. Even there no information that some investigation were done by Czech authority. Yes, IBM is a big sponsor of the Czech economy , but this do not mean that these corporation can ignore the human rights .They should not acting as embassies , with internal rules. Formally, no one will stop you to go to the doctor.But you should keep in mind that your work will waiting for you during your absence. The corporation do not want, or can`t hire enough peoples , due bad company feedback’s around the world.
There are several factors , which will be described here. All of them may seriously damage your health.

1.Stress environment.

Too many peoples working in a crowd spaces. Looks like madhouse.The environment is poisoned by a high pressure on the air. You will see lot of peoples constantly running to any different directions , with laptops in its hands. Why ?! Almost all jobs there are remote. Where they are going ? The stress in IBM Brno is on daily basis. The stress don’t have vacation there. Nobody measuring the stress level because it do not affect the company profit, but only your health.

2.High pressure.

Caused by the work with no direction. You may be involved to any task, any time, without notice , or schedule. There nothing was planned properly, and every plan usually crash. This is caused by the low competency and no clear goals.This is also no coincidence, because it allow to the corporation to use same peoples in different and random tasks.

3. Organizational chaos , no clear rules .

You will receive emails with tasks , even if you are on sick leave, or vacation. Most of the peoples don’t have backups , or replacement, and they have to complete all pending work after they returned from its vacation. In some normal countries , receiving emails and tasks during the vacation period will cause penalty and fine to the company. But IBM Brno , and Czech Republic are not from this “white” list. The conditions are near the official slavery. Cant be different because nobody watching for the people`s rights in Czech.

4. Selfish and incompetent management .

They will not protect you , because they are in the same situation like you – doing the thankless and dirty jobs. IBM Brno is on the bottom of the IT support chain, this including also the management. The managers only care about its own prosperity , at the first place. Most of them are too coward, to do something brave to its team, or to say something to the higher management. The highest management usually do not care about the bottoms , but only for its profit. As result peoples trying to avoid this corporation , in their future job searches.

5. Old, bad , or not working tools . Bureaucracy.

IBM Brno is typical place where the tools control the peoples. In the real companies the peoples controlling the tools , but not in IBM. You have to deal , and spend lot of time and efforts to work with the stupid and relic tools. IBM do not trust to the peoples anymore. That is why these tools was developed and used. Most of the tools was created by some amateur programmers , and usually they are under beta testing using the cheaper peoples – India or Czechia, where the hourly salary rate is very low.In that way you will act as “laboratory rat” and will test for free these stupid tools. The corporation really hate the salary day.

6. Brainwashing and mind control.

In IBM Brno the brainwashing level is pretty high. The goal- how to keep peoples in a bad and stressful environment with low salaries and to be happy at the same time.Peoples must thinking that they working in a great place. A kind of heaven.The people should not know that similar position , in another companies, or countries paid better. On daily basis they will inspire you that IBM is the best company ever, with multiply spam emails . This mind trick working only on poor brains.

7. Non transparent rules and wages.
You never will know what is the salary of your colleges. Doesn’t matter that you doing the same work. In that way the salary in IBM Brno is always underestimated. Even you know the average salary , you will try to stay lower , to have the chance to be hired. At that way , the salary decrease is programmed by the corporation. The company made huge profit from that method. Old mind trick, Yoda said.Not working on the smart peoples, which still reading a books.

7. Work with no direction. One of the most stressful components.

Yes , you will work without direction, because nobody in this corporation know the direction. IBM have simplest goal – to make money. The rest , including the people status and health – really doesn’t matter, and nobody really care. Peoples are only pieces of meat , which can be replaced with one click. Who care.The high management is focused on the quarters , and the yearly profit. The rest doesn’t matter, and can be replaced like a broken chair.

8. The job role is not defined clearly.

Yet another mind trick to control people. This is not coincidence, This is careful programmed action. IBM do not have interest to define your role. You will have contract , but formal only. This allow to the company to put you in “any direction any time” , creating chaos stress , and high pressure.Wen nobody really care about the human beings , its looks perfct.

9. No clear future.

You will never know what to expect from the next day. The corporation have its own plans, and it is related to the profit only. Peoples are not included in that plan. So you can not expect something positive , because the peoples are no longer significant factor there. Lot of surveys will ask you what do you think. You can put anything there , because nobody really going to read it , and to take an action.

10. Overloading.

Overloading is typical issue in IBM. Especially if you are good specialist or foreigner. The locals are not so busy , but someone have to do the job. The workaholic and the smart peoples are rewarded, but only with another additional work assigned. That is why lot of peoples stay low , and do not like to developing itself anymore. If you are newcomer be ready to take all unwanted and all thankless jobs.This will be your fold, as newcomer.

11. To Feel yourself guilty for everything .

Usually the responsibility going from up to the bottom. IBM Brno is on the bottom chain and be ready to take all guilt from above. No matter is it real , or not. always the people on the bottom will pay the bills. You will act as shoe mat. You will have only bosses around,as you are on the bottom. The bottom is always defined – the mud.

12. Low culture.

You will be forced to deal with low culture environment and peoples. Dealing with such kind of people is a kind of nightmare. When someone`s culture is low , no matter what you do, and what you say. They will not understand what you mean. Your professional efforts always will be underestimated. I would recommend you the movie “Idiocracy” , which describing well these peoples.

13. High Employee`s Turnover

The smart people wont stay longer , even those with the good salary. But this is no coincidence, it is well programmed move. The corporation don’t have interest to keep peoples longer , because it have to increase the salaries. The peoples expecting to grow up , but there is no place for growing. That is why the corporation decide to bet on the turnover. If you would stay longer the company will forcing you to take more and more work until you gave up, or pissed off. If you stay anyway , it is also good for the company , because you will do the job of the several peoples already , with miserable salary.The mules are always welcome.

These and many other undiscovered reason may serious affect your health .Lot of peoples , especially young ones , do not realized that sometimes the stress may have much deadly effects, than some physical damage. The stress may cause lots of secondary diseases . The stress may accumulate and its effect may appear after years. Be advised.

Please, accept our condolences, we late this time.

Rest in Peace Ivan, we never forget you !

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