Illegal monitoring of your private data is used by US corporations and HR in Europe

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Illegal monitoring of employees used by US companies located in Europe


!!!! WARNING !!!!

The corporations and the HR agencies tracking you !

I got information that some companies,  HRs and Job agencies use some kind of Indian made software which allow them to constant monitor your working place and the private data.This software allow them to blacklist you without any notice or possibilities to complain or protect yourself.also keeping a personal private data without your permission

Another illegal in Europe software which Indians created for profit allow corporate HR and Job agencies contain employees database where you can be blacklisted without notice.

Some advices and information can be found here and here

illegal monitoring of employees


They collect and keep your private data and personal information without your permission , which is illegal in European Union and the people who do this can spend next two years in the prison. According the EU constitution this is serious criminal act.

Leaked information shows that IBM use some internal software which allows managers to set our status as “unacceptable” which means that you will never join IBM again !! This allow  the managers to blacklist you , without noticing  , so you can not complain against this criminal act.So if your manager do not like you they you will be banned.This create some kind of conformism , your freedom to tell him your opinion is taken. You should live and work with a fear … Democratic ? Yes, US kind of democracy .. 🙂

So, if you have some personal (private) disagreement you can be kicked out without any information and you will never be able to complain and protect yourself personally or by the court.

In this way you can be fired and you can not ask for the reasons because the reasons are obtained in illegal way

I got the information that AT&T use some kind of software too. The people are unofficially informed that they are under monitoring and should take a care about the activity…

Like every Indian company I am sure that Infosys is using this Indian software too.Infosys monitoring your phone calls too. At the work you will be in Big Brother TV show 🙂

Take a look at this software :

illegal monitoring of employees
illegal monitoring of employees







illegal monitoring of employees

1 thought on “Illegal monitoring of your private data is used by US corporations and HR in Europe

  1. I read a few articles now I am pissed off. I am working in IBM for 9 months now, 1 month left for me because I got a better offer. Enough with the conspirasy theories though. YES corporates are monitoring their network and what sites employees are visiting. What exactly is illegal about it? What is the personal data your employers want to collect that they dont already have? Your name? you address? ID/Passport/Social Security number? bank account? You income??? Get fucking real.

    The “Indian” software you posted belongs to Awareness Technologies, which is privately-held security software company based in Los Angeles founded in 2002. At least do some research before spreading bullshit. Here is their home page: xxxxxx

    In most corporates, human beings are working in security positions. And they are lazy enough to monitor everyone all the time. They dont need this crap, you will be closely monitored if you overdo it, thats for sure.

    Lets not forget the most important thing. Monitoring IT people is impossible. There is no software that can run on your PC that you cannot be aware of. And IT guys who dont know how to hide from network or workstation monitoring shouldnt be even hired.

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