IBM and NewCo

09/10/2020 Peacock 0

NewCo what is it, and how it is related to IBM “Once upon a time IBM was the reference in business stability and reliability.Then it […]

The Overton Window

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People who read books and are curious already know this, but others and especially the younger generation have no idea how their brain is washed. […]

IBM Brno

IBM Brno

22/01/2020 Peacock 0

Yet another year passed away , but there nothing positive happened with this local IBM (CIC) Delivery Center office. IBM Brno were discussed several times […]

Stand up and they will fall

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The Cuban National Television has spread Fidel Castro’s farewell to all people around the world. It calls on people to engage in the struggle against […]

IBM Brno


17/03/2019 Peacock 21

IBM Brno – Work environment in details Lets talk again about the work environment in IBM Brno. Is the work environment there is healthy, can […]