Czech Banks charging more the customers with the lowest income

Czech Banks

Czech Banks charging more the customers with the lowest income


I got an information that Czech Banks (now I have information only for Raifeissen Bank Czech Republic) charging their own customers depending of their income.

For Example if your monthly income is below 25k CZK the bank will have a different tariffs for you. In that way the poor people have been charged 5-7 times more than the rich ones.WTF is that act ? Kind of discrimination ? Where is the government and the social organizations ? or the government is already purchased by the banks ?!

So if your income is below 25.000 CZK you will be charged monthly almost 300 CZK because you keeping the money in the bank. also the cash withdrawal from the ATM`s will cost to you 50 CZK . 10 CZK is the charge for the rich customers with income >25.000. There also many  small fees which decrease your salary with 500-600 CZK every month.

I heard that Czech Republic is a social country but who going to confirm that ? What the hell the people doesn’t complain ? Where is the present Jan Palach

How you can avoid the banks ? Not possible.Better to open Bank account in another country , Slovakia for example. If your  company not only paid salaries using a bank transfer locally . So, your freedom to make a choice is taken ? Where is the democracy ?

I looking forward for your comments according your your experience with the Czech Banks

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