Czech National Kitchen

Czech National Kitchen

Czech National Kitchen
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This topic is dedicated to the Czech People which always crying against me when I said that the people doesn’t support his national treasures , the culture,

Due to my several conversation in the Czech forums some people blame me that I am against the Czech country and the Czech people at all. I always explain and confirm that I am not against these people, also the country and I fight together with the Czech against the greedy corporations , local mobile operators and Banks.

In fact I do more as a foreigner to Czech Republic than some Czech citizens.

Once I had an issue with my Internet Service provider which charge me for a service which I never used. I also put some topics in the ISP internal forum and where do Explain my issue . I provide a links where was shown that the Internet in CR is most expensive than another EU countries.

Then some people do support me saying that the people in CR do not complain and prefer to be used from some greedy companies.But the rest of the people had a negative responses like ” if you do not like Czech Republic better go home” So, they can not realized that I trying to protect and fight together with the Czech and I am not against them. What a ignorance …

Please take a look at the picture.Why the people prefer this greasy and non healthy US food instead the nice Czech National food ?!?

The Czech have a very nice national kitchen which is liked by many nations , but unfortunately the Czech itself doesn’t like, and not support it.Pity.

The Brainwashing coming from the TV ads cause every redneck lunch should be in McDonald’s and using iPhone become a standard in the low intelligent societies.

In fact some people really believe to this bullshitz.


What do you thing ?


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