Diseases and open space offices

As we mentioned and warned before, these offices can be dangerous to your health. in relations with the recent spreading of the Coronavirus, we are obliged to remind it when the World Health Organization and local governments seems do not care. Most people, especially young people, thinking that open space offices are something usually, and nothing else exists . No, it is not. What are the differences and the benefits from the closed office spaces:

The closed office space helps keep germs from spreading between employees and therefore provides workers with increased physical health safety. Closed office space also improves employees’ emotional wellbeing, as they are less exposed to work-related stressors, including the need to appear in constant productivity. Indeed, research has shown that employees working in closed offices tend to experience less age discrimination due to the exhibition of anxiety, cardiac issues and digestive problems caused by the stressful environment they are working in. These employees also experience less neurological problems, like vertigo, brought on by the busy open-space environment. Link

But this is not cost saving work environment, and usually not used in the poor countries, or by a companies which are not poor, but greed. They put its employees they put their people in farm-looking buildings.

Aquarium type buildings – hovel

This “space” model came from the US as a way to save money, but the money not to be given as better salaries, but for other obvious reasons. I call these offices – Aquariums or hovel. Including the fact that fishes inside are muted, and never complain, no matter of the working conditions. they are usually fed by machines eating sandwiches, often with suspicious quality. But seems they are happy .. Weird peoples.

Open spaces office is a model that has spread as a virus everywhere, and has been unobtrusively introduced around the world. However, no one explained what was behind. But now, I think more and more people are aware of the danger that exist, and start asking for better work conditions. Of course not in the poor countries, where the peoples are happy even when they have something to eat , and some smartphone.

If a normal government ever existed, these buildings should be banned. The reason is that even if one person becomes ill, no matter the flu or bacterial infection, it becomes potentially dangerous to the others. This damages not only your health, but also of others, and this becoming profitable for drug makers.

The same people who make money from cost saving building and offices, are the same who make the laws. Don’t expect that they willing to solve this problem.


According to the latest information, coronavirus increasing its presence in some European countries. Unfortunately, I do not see an adequate response from the authorities, and they seems hoping that virus will “jump” us. Only Austrians seem to be aware and really care about their people, closing the railway line yesterday. There is no reaction from the other countries.

Of course, we should not be selfish and think that this is a problem only for the “other country”, but to sit and wait will be disastrous for us. People are not even well informed. Organizations with a huge budget and two months later are not even able to tell you what is the latency period of the virus. What the hell they doing ..

But lets back to the dangerous “open space offices”. Can you imagine what will be happened if even one person get sick. There are offices with more than 100 peoples per 200 square meters. They are fitted in a way to hold as many as possible peoples in a short place. It is similar to cruise ship.

It seems that the modern and democratic world is just waiting to see what happens. It seems that modern pharmaceutical companies and WHO are working on the problem how to enlarge tits, instead of paying attention to the conditions in which people live and work. There a companies which let to its employees to work from home. This is better solution , than to put peoples in crowd and not healthy environment.

But there is certainly something more dangerous than the virus. This is the recession that the virus can cause. While we are afraid of the virus – few people are afraid of bankruptcy. We profess different values.

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