IBM Brno

IBM Brno

Yet another year passed away , but there nothing positive happened with this local IBM (CIC) Delivery Center office. IBM Brno were discussed several times during the past years, and every normal human being expecting that company to improve something , but nothing positive has happened.Only the benefit is the possibilities to work from home. Is it real IBM ?

IBM (CIC) Pizza delivery Center

What is IBM Brno, or CIC , or Delivery Center. This is not actually IBM , but a kind of franchise. Take a look here : IBM Global Delivery Center s.r.o. Will be not surprised if it is some offshore company. Similar companies exist in some other countries in European Union financial corner. Such kind of delivery centers do not exist in Germany for example.

IBM Brno changing several times its name and now it is IBM Client Innovation Center or CIC, using IBM brand. CIC Brno is a place where all “innovations” are tested on a live human beings. Tons of useless and bad working tools still taking place to the locals as Beta testers. It is a kind of laboratory where these innovation being tested before to be implemented everywhere. Of course you will doing the tests for free. Much suitable name according some of our readers should be : Pizza Delivery center, because some salaries are below that pizza delivery guys have.

Peoples there going crazy with these nonsense innovations bullshits, and their goals were changed almost every week, until the company claim it as improvements.Dust in your eyes. No , it is not an improvement , this is a kind of experiment. The peoples on the bottom usually pay the price of the blind high management. In fact this week you can be moved in a team, but next week in another team. The experiments are on a daily basis.

Peoples working there never know its responsibilities, they don’t have its own stable team , and they can be moved any time without notice. Still many years the high management don’t know how to create stable and effective environment , most probably because don’t care. The chaos is everywhere , still missing clear direction and goals. You never know what you will be in the next year. The high management also don’t have an idea what to do, and changing its “mind”every day.

What is the reason for this chaos ? One of the reason is that high management , IBM CEO, keep its eyes only on the company profit and the quarters ony. They trying to survive on the market, but seems don’t know how. The “daily” changes and the chaos only confirm that they were panicking, and trying to find a way to survive. High management constantly talking about the “growth” without understanding that the resources on the earth is limited and there are many other competitors, which greed is the same or bigger. Only the cancer growing forever, until its host dies.

The IT monsters trying to eat each other, in order to survive , the regular peoples are forced to pay this price. The work environment is already described here, here and here and still actual. Most disturbing thing is that nobody care. HR department still confusing candidates that they will have stable work environment , clear job responsibility, competitive salary , but none of this will be true. You will deal with the same formal contract, no matter your level and skills you will be forced to do everything, and usually the dirty job.

The biggest fraud is still the claiming method. You will be force to use FTE and hourly claiming , in case FTE is used only for part time jobs, which is mentioned in the contract. No matter that you will be available at the work 8 hours per day. They don’t care. You will be forced to deal with a matter too far from your responsibility. For example if you have a business trip , you have to arrange everything by yourself. This usually may take long time, using useless and bad working tools , and many peoples complain that they have to pay for the tool`s errors, even from its own pocket.

You will “fight” for everything in this company, and almost all the time you will be alone against the system. Peoples there are too selfish , the peoples in the peer departments are too lazy , or just don’t care. Why should care about you , in case they also have tons of bullshits to handle.

The employees turnover is on the same rates. Experienced peoples usually leaving , and have no replacement. The peoples usually joining CIC Brno have no idea about any IT. There are many Project Managers without any IT skills. There are many peoples even without any IT sense. There are many Team Leaders exist, which even don’t know what they doing there, and only confusing the work. IBM CIC is full with useless peoples, and they acting only as dispatchers, or just trying to put its own work on you. Its typical for this corporation that you have to do the others jobs, in order to complete your own tasks. Many useless peoples just using this dependency.

The company culture status still going down. The local management is forced to find a new peoples, and at the same time to be cheaper. As the job candidates are already aware of this company chaos , they refusing to join. Only way to fill this gap is to find “any” peoples , no matter of their skills or culture. Well known fact is that the Project Managers have no IT skills, and only language skills. But sometime they have only language skills. Even they don’t know what is the right way to deal with the other peoples. Of course they always will blame you for its own mistakes, or will ask you to do their job.

Are you willing to work in such kind of company ? Definitely not. There are too many other companies offering better conditions at the same or better salaries. Many peoples starting in IBM-Brno just to put this company to the CV. But they don’t understand that is no benefit anymore. Other companies already know that IBM produces brainwashed and copy/paste specialist, a peoples which potential to think and to make decisions is already killed. After few years working in IBM young peoples turns to brainless robots. The serious companies, winch have better work environment and salaries don’t need robots as technicians, Team leaders with no lead skills, or Project managers only with language skills.

Seems the high management and CEO have no idea what they doing, or most probably they don’t care anymore.Obviously the company stops its grow, and now just trying to survive. Ginnis transformation will not solve the issue, it only will reanimate IBM for a short period of time. Without general changes I don’t expect this company to stay on the market longer.

If you would keep your high professional level, thinking abilities , I can not recommend IBM CIC Brno for your career. And not only . You should avoid any other “hotline” and low cost companies like AT&T, Verizon, Amazon and many other which offering low salaries and high demand on the same time. They need first to learn how to respect the peoples, and stop doing an experiments , and treat you as monkey first. Then they are welcome.

Take care guys

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