Once upon a time IBM was the reference in business stability and reliability.Then it fired everyone with a clue because costs, since its own management didn’t have a clue.”

Just as a lizard tears off its tail, so IBM tries to make a last attempt to save itself, and again wrong. The Blind high management again did not found the right approach, and destroys instead of build. Yes, cutting is much easier than creating, instead to improve its own culture. This is typical for the companies which only care about the profit.

What is the reason for this company split ? you can easily find the answer in the speculative market here “Warren Buffett says Berkshire Hathaway has sold completely out of IBM

So how IBM usually solving its problems ? The method is already known years ago, and used by some corporations. The author is Josef Stalin.

When there’s a person, there’s a problem. When there’s no person, there’s no problem.
Josef Stalin

“When there’s a person, there’s a problem. When there’s no person, there’s no problem.
Josef Stalin”

Eating each other is another common approach to these companies, which trying to survive. But this not longer working, in a world with limited resources. There is not possible to grow constantly in a limited environment, and these companies should know better this common natural rule, except if they are blind. But they are, or just greed.

Yes, GTS was definitely an orphan, the adopted child that the family supposedly wants to have but doesn’t want to take care of. There is no company in the world that will cut off part of its profitable business and give it to someone else. Not IBM.

IBM GTS or just NewCo

IBM has fallen victim to its own greed, and its inability to appreciate the importance of people. The workers themselves have long reminded that something needs to change, but blind management has never done anything about it. Probably because it don’t want to invest on the peoples.

So, what could really be done? IBM was late with the changes, which should have started in 2012. If IBM had been made this in time, now the lizard would not have to break its tail. Ginni’s transformations did not lead to anything good, and only repelled customers who already suffered from bad treatment of services. The myth that IBM take care of its customers has long been untrue, if IBM was interested in something it was just money. A typical modern capitalist approach.

And now another lie that NewCo will be a prosperous, high-income company. No, this is another lie. Now GTS was simply discarded, when previously been destroyed. It is typical for IBM to sow destruction, just as it will ruin RedHat. The reason is again the outdated way of thinking, and the wrong approach of the wrong people.

Personally, I don’t care about IBM or GTS or NewCo at all. What worries me are the deceived people again. So far, IBM have been lied to about how prosperous IBM and GTS are, and what profits they made. Again and again, ordinary workers have to pay for management mistakes in the past. Because, so far the employees have been convinced, that they are a very important part of IBM’s structure. There are now few people who believe corporate lies.

And now another lie – how great and prosperous NewCo will be. Again, tales of no value, born from the sick brain of a manager who does not know how to do the right thing, but still would keep its salary. I already know, it is not easy to be brainwashed, and to do great things at the same time.

Here is one of your opinions shared in the internet “Arvind’s plan for IBM (INDIAN Business Machine) is to split the company into multiple small chunks NewCo, OldCo, FutureCo, thisCo, thatCo, and then sell these Cos to Tata, Wipro, Cogent etc. Another American company will disappear like never existed and Indian companies will rule.

Yes, NewCo is only virtual name so far. Even they cant provide the name of the future company, because they still don’t know what to do. What is right what is wrong is still not clear to the high paid management in IBM. Why , they really too late to hire fresh brains from outside, because this company really need brains from outside. Not yet washed corporate brains.

But how this problem can be solved? If people realized their power, there would be a general strike. Such companies cannot survive a week without its employees. But most people are already cowards. I remember the time when people went on strike, achieved their demands and was happy. It seems that this time has passed away, and the only thing that awaits us is the cruel days and slavery. First of all – Regulate the greedy not the needy.

Update : By the way we received multiply emails from “IBM Brno” employees , asking what will be in future. I still don’t know why these peoples still thinking that they been a part of IBM , or GTS. No, IBM Brno is not IBM , but “IBM Global Delivery Center” , and it is Czech nationality company. It only contain IBM on its name. In that way the Czech “IBMers” are already a part of NewCo , a company which continue to take the dirty and thankless work from IBM in the future. So, don’t worry , nobody will going fire the cheapest labor. The name of the company really doesn’t matter, but its location. No matter in which company you will work , when you working in a “cheaper” country.

An open letter to my boss, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

IBM GTS Layoffs

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