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Czech Republic is an ex communist country after the Second world war become a part of the countries isolated from the rest of the world.As every ex communist country the people are poor and very patient. People are not used to claim their rights and become very suitable for companies which searching somebody to do their dirty work around the world

In the communist countries the citizens rely to the government. The government have to protect their rights.Now in new Post communist countries usually the government is purchased by the world rich corporations .The politics are not strong enough to solve their own internal home problems and they start to sell the values of their own countries including the people too.

The corporation intelligence found this political and social gaps and start making easy money using these patient people.Yes, nobody complains. Nobody search and pursuit his rights.In This way Czech Republic become very suitable country for these corporations.

These corporations break a  lot of country and social rights without any reaction from the government.

Czech Republic is a good example how the people may become a slaves without a chains.

But a lot of the youngest Czechs realized what kind of bullshit companies coming across the country and refuse to work for these low cost companies. The people prefer to work in UK, Denmark, Germany, but not in their own country.

This act cause a huge deficit of quality people and these companies start hiring a people from another ex communist countries like Romania,Bulgaria,Slovakia, Poland … almost successful 🙂

Many companies especially from US moving some positions (mostly the bad ones) to Czech Republic because it is cheaper and the people doesn’t know their rights and are ready to work in any conditions including IT Farms. Companies like IBM, AT&T, Microsoft, RedHat and other have open a cheaper offices for the cheaper people.


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  1. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I am national of Bulgaria with over 14 years experrience as IT manager.I’d like to work in Czech Republic.I plead for your help and assistance.
    Thank You very mcuh.

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