US Companies situated in Europe

US Companies situated in Europe

There are many US companies operating in Czech Republic.Why ? Because of the national politic of the greedy Czech Government and politics.

Now the slaves are taken from East Europe.

Czech Republic in an European country , and EU member , but support and gravitate around non EU interests. Take a look at this information posted in “Embassy of Czech Republic in Washington

Czech Companies looking for U.S. Partners


The Commercial and Economic Section seeks to help Czech companies establish a working relationship with US companies and facilitate Czech export. In this section, you can thus find a list of companies from the Czech Republic that contacted the Embassy with an interest in finding potential partners in the US and entering the market. We are, however, not able to verify the reliability and credibility of each company. Please note that the companies are listed under specific categories by industry for your convenience. If you are interested in cooperation with one of these companies, please feel free to contact them directly.

We would highly appreciate if you will give us a feed back about your cooperation with Czech companies and tell us about your experience. Please send us your comments to

Thank you and good luck!


Do you remember when United States import a slaves from West Africa ? To build its economy with a cheaper people – slaves.

In this way Czech Republic is ready and agree to sell her own human resources not to Europe , but to 3rd country which do not care so much about EU prosperity.

Lets say it is OK, if Czech Republic do not sell her own resources cheap. Yes cheap if you compare the salaries in Czech Republic and US for a same position. 7-10 times less…

Even Czech citizens said hat Czech government is corrupted and during the last days some members of the Czech government were arrested.

The companies and corporations which come to Czech Republic do not invest in a local infrastructure.They rent the cheapest buildings, create a Farm looking work environment and start using local and foreigner people cheap.

In the same time and because Czech Republic is an ex Communist country – nobody complain , nobody do strikes as another countries in the world.The people are patient and ready to work in any condition with any salary.This is a kind of slavery … again.Modern Slavery in Action.

Slavery in the Past
Slavery in the Past.Do you see any difference ?


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