Kyndryl, or what is behind of this company name


We got several emails related to IBM – Kyndryl transformation. First of all – don’t worry. All employees previously belonged to IBM Global delivery will become Kyndryl. There will be no changes. Kyndryl will continue to collect the thankless work from everywhere using the same cheaper labor. Only difference , I guess, Kyndryl will continue to collect the thankless jobs acting as hiring agency, this time not only from IBM, but many other corporation needed it. This topic has been discuses before here IBM and NewCo

Seems only the difference will be this funny name only. I believe this company will have the same owners – somewhere in the dark offshore zone. Somewhere between the legally and illegally, because this generate the profit. But IBM and its franchises lost the trust of customers, so there is no way out.

There is another opinion exist: IBM no longer needs these people, but it does not dare to fire them directly, in order to keep its reputation as a stable company.People will be laid off by another company, and IBM hopes to remain in good standing.

Yes, IBM get rid this part from its structure, previously destroyed by the IBM blind management. Instead to fix it, because it will cost some money , IBM decide to abandon its own freaky kid. Nothing new here in this greedy corporate world. Peoples opinions never will be considered. Peoples in such companies are only numbers. I believe they will keep the same bad attitude, or even worst.

There are many examples of greed corporations changed its name in order survive. But here is the difference. IBM destroyed its structure , and get rid of it , to neutralize the bad feedback collected during the past years.

IBM announcing this transformation as something big happened, peoples must! be happy , when no one care about the peoples at all. I guess they will keep the fraud claiming system , which continue to force the customers to search for better support even without Kyndryl. This is happened because offshore companies do care only about its profit. I do not expect something positive to happen there. This need smart and brave peoples, not conformists.

Which I can advice you guys – Start searching for a new job. This part of IBM, now Kyndryl will continue to sink until it hit the bottom. Not because of its name , but because of its blind approach and greed behavior. I don’t think they will invest on its peoples , because offshore companies never doing it. You will have tons on thankless work , for the same poor salary.

Now “The Cloud” became the modern word. which will unleash unprecedented success for the companies that use it. This is another nonsense and it is just an advertising . This is just a way for corporations to increase their revenue at the expense of quality. Now the peoples are now cheaper than machines. They will take on all the negatives of this “modernization” . Stay away from “The cloud” and you will prosper. The world going to change that is why some Cloud giants as Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Google trying to catch as much as possible naive or just greed customers, not willing to invest at own infrastructure and its own employees. The greed never lead to good , and the companies will realize that in a hardest way later.

For those companies I can say – ” The only free cheese is in the mousetrap”.

Take care guys , be smart

Kyndryl owner Czech Republic

Kyndryl is IBM’s wacky new name for its dry IT spinoff

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