Stand up and they will fall

The greed never lead to good
Regulate the Greedy not the Needy
The Cuban National Television has spread Fidel Castro’s farewell to all people around the world. It calls on people to engage in the struggle against the monopoly of world wealth by a small group of people. Here is the full text of the letter:

“Comrades and comrades, brothers and sisters from all over the world

My time is running out, I have struggled for justice and a dignified life for all of my people throughout my life, I have always wanted Cuba to be an example of the fact that people can live in understanding and develop not at the expense of each other , but with joint efforts. Very soon you will stand by the choice between giving up your children’s future at the expense of illusory security in the present, or fighting for the future of your children by taking on the deprivation of the day. Cuba has made the choice to bear the deprivation in the name of the future. This battle is not winning, it is eternal, if you want to have a future, you have to stand up against those who want to buy it for you against a handful of cheap trinkets, as they have done with America’s root population not so many years ago. These people will come to you and explain to you that when the state takes care of its own nationals, it is slavery, and freedom is only possible when you compete with each other. They will blur your mind by offering your body thousands of comforts and unnecessary and perverse pleasures, but to get you, you have to sacrifice your soul and the values ​​of your ancestors. And all this will make for profit, the profit behind which is actually a huge theft. They will come and buy your future and that of your children with money, and you, if you are not careful, will fall into their clever pitfalls. These people are corrupt monsters, for them work is not a socially useful work, but a way of gaining wealth. If you surrender them, you will hate not only the work but also your life.

I will tell you how to recognize them. They will always talk about profit, economic growth, competitiveness, markets, but they will never say a word about decent pay for labor, social care, free education and health. They will ask your labor, but they will not want to pay for it. If you agree to work, you will lose your future. You have to stand up against them, against the few who hold the world’s wealth, and you have to do it TOGETHER. And to be together you have to trust, something they will try to undermine in all sorts of ways. If you want to win, you have to give up their money and even offer you fabulous sums, not to sell your work for their money. Your victory will come when you have succeeded in uniting everyone when, thanks to this unification, you have built a new society whose overriding goal is the common good, not the monetary gain and thirst for personal property. Money can exist without being used to profit, and profit may not be measured in money. Does it make more profit than you and your children to be healthy, educated, and the results of the work that you make it feel and contribute to the benefit of all, not the few greedy and predatory capitalists.

For them, you are nothing more than what their huge factories produce, namely disposable products. Brothers and sisters from all over the world, unite, join the struggle against the predatory nature of your imposed socio-economic model. Remember that against any temptation they offer you and you take from them, they get part of your future. Discard their money, their work and their values, and you will be free, your life will make sense. Do not be afraid to confront them because you are the foundation upon which they build their power and accumulate their wealth.

Stand up and they will fall.

Fidel,`s farewell
Fidel Castro

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