4 thoughts on ““Why US Corporations Prefer Post-Communist European Union Countries for Low-Cost Labor”

  1. Just saw this site and the articles are rather biased.
    I myself worked for 5 years at IBM Brno so I know very well the situation.
    What the author does not realize is that IBM IDC Brno (the official name of the IBM service delivery unit as of two years ago) is taking a market niche of educated but unskilled labour, this is a very smart move from my point of view, and there is nothing wrong with making some profit out of it.

    I also started with a low salary for IT standard – 22 000 Czech crowns. For the IT average, this is ridiculously low, however …
    – this is twice the Brno average
    – this was the same salary of my landlord – an accountant with 20 years of experience at a local company. Let me remind you again that I was a 25 year old graduate with NO experience.
    – within 5 years my salary doubled.
    – most importantly, I got valuable experience and at these turbulent times , I do not have to look for a job – jobs are looking for me.

    What the author also does not fails to point out, is that these companies are paying many times more the local average.
    There are also many IT companies that the local tech universities cannot supply with graduates, so they have to hire from abroad.
    And yes, there were some weird people, which you wonder how they got there, but there are also French, german, spanish, Polish , dutch, english and many more nationalities.

    1. A few points: Patilan, your experience in IBM Brno is probably atypical. I too worked for IBM Brno for 5 years and my salary didn’t double: in fact it stayed more or less the same. No real bonuses either and stravenky (meal vouchers) disappeared the same week as a mass e-mail announced record profits for that quarter.
      Frankly I should’ve quit in the first year there when I was offered a team lead position — for the same salary as my starting salary.
      It’s almost impossible to get a meaningful raise in IBM Brno. More responsibility and more work = same salary. (Less because inflation constantly nibbles away at your salary.) Your manager must really like you or you must have a competent manager. ( A rarity) Given that teams and managers change (I went thru 7 or 8 managers while there) I hope that your luck doesn’t run out.
      — A glad to be former Brno IBMer

  2. i agree – since i work there – with the article. i also agree, in part, with pantillan (maybe for you is-was ‘more easy to move inside’ or you had better connections) than me. CZ management…is ridiculous. nothing to add..

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