What is new on the IT job market 2019

The easiest and short answer will be – nothing positive happened.

Some “wooden” heads on the highest management positions, and some CEO`s still can not realize that the greed model will collapse soon. This “nearsighted ” approach were used long time ago, but nobody was so clever to predict what will be happened later. Мoreover, this has already begun.Low cost and short minded peoples are everywhere already. This is a kind of “natural selection” where people always choose less intelligent than themselves, and this cause degradative chain reaction.

Not possible to be stopped, because they have to replace almost all management. The bad work environment, low salaries also decreasing the quality of the peoples. The “natural selection” made smart peoples to leave soon, and the stupid to slay longer, because they do not have so much opportunities. At this way the concentration of the stupid people growing in a progression. Until the concentration reach the critical mass, collapse is inevitable … This is the future of each greed company soon or later.

737Max landing

The latest example was the “Boeing 737Max hard landing”. What did they expected , when using cheaper Indian programmers writing critical code, with salary rate of USD 8 per hour ?! Another bunch of planes have constructive defects, and they need to be landed, before the hard landing happened once again. Peoples dying in a different ways but , due the company profit is not fair, even not profitable. No, not because of natural disaster, not because of low skilled pilots, but just of pure greed. Another 50 planes should be landed due defects.

Update : Boeing to suspend 737 MAX production from January

Source: 737Max, 737NG

But there are other companies exist , which activity do not cause direct death of its customer. This usually goes unnoticed , because it do not make peoples crying at the airports, it silently creating diseases because of stress or non healthy environment. The negative effects of the stress are accumulated , to grow one day in some permanent disease. There is no statistics how many peoples working in a stress environment, and how many of them are already deceased, because of it, or have sime mental disorders. The modern slavery companies are too many to be described separately , but you can see the signs in each of them. But nobody care including the institution which should care, because they have already earned its profit and keep “eyes wide shut”.

Google or greed , no big difference

Some companies growing its profits using many volunteers, which did not expected their work to me monetized later. An example is Google, which purchased Waze, Wiki, YouTube and many other. These products or some of them, actually was created and maintained by volunteers, and google just privatize people’s work , and did not pay even coin to these million people contributions. This freak company manner was also implemented as “best practices” in other companies too. But how to make people works for free . Where is the key

The contributors are usually rewarded with points , stars, or ranks, but they are useless if you need to pay your rent, or mortgage. In any shop the points will be not accepted. They required only money. This usually only works on brainwashed peoples, but they are too much , and company do not facing lack of employees.


Amazon , one of the biggest and profitable company , still looking for new employees from Romania, Moldova, Ukraine. Why from these countries ? Because there peoples are poor , and don’t know well its rights. Its easy to manipulate them , and to put them to work in a bad conditions for less money. Not because Amazon is poor,but because of its greed.

At the same time lot of peoples suffering in company warehouses around the world . They have minimal salary wages, enough only to survive physically, and to be able to come at work on the next day. The peoples which still reading books knows that is called slavery. May be these peoples really deserving its destiny ? Okay, shortly not so fair to make your profit keeping the peoples poor. If any aliens visited the earth they will understand that we are far behind. During the last 100 years the “progressive” earth elite reinvent … the slavery again.

Source : Amazon`s slaves . Oh, I almost forgot that Jeff Bezos have to pay its divorce. Pardon, we have to pay for it 🙂 Cheers.


Hewlett Packard: it doesn’t really matter is it HP, HPE, or DXC. This is the same shape of the chameleon, only different colors. Yes, some companies really changing its names , just to avoid the bad history collected during the past years. HP supposed to be good company , but DXC will going to destroy any good image remained.

Dealing with off-shores will not gain the respect anymore, because many of them are only pure parasites. Because, this is the company which also bet on the cheaper support , now I guess it loosing customers. HP jobs to be cut . Hiring cheaper peoples, outsourcing , always have negative effect after some time. Because it is accumulating all negatives. it become like a boomerang , which will return and hit the company back. Again and again the blind management keeping the key of the cave. Not Only for HP , but all corporation which forgot that its employees are human beings, and pursuit only its profit .


IBM : Ginni already has to retire because she is old enough . But seems nobody would climb to the ship which is expected to sink some day, and to be responsible for the inherited mess. In this company still the tools control the peoples. It will not so bad, in case the tools was extremely old, written without any sense. In this company the culture dropping rapidly, together with the salaries. Usually the company using its employees as beta testers of its half working tools. Thanks to GOD that company is not airplane owner. Then the pilots will be responsible even for the weather outside and will have 900 pages checklist , and will be not surprised if they acting as cabin crew near future.

Someone have to stop the Ginni`s transformations. This is like a bomb, which will explode later. Yes, its hard to be noticed with greed eyes.

The “wooden heads” have never realized that “Continuous economic growth” is not possible on a planet with limited resources. They still trying to survive , and the most common way is to eat each other.At the same time they feeding parasites , but not its employee. May I ask you what will be happened if all of your employees decide to leave in the same day ? Of course you will collapse. That simply mean that your prosperity , wealth, the profit earned depending not by the company, but by only one factor. Your employees. Time to wake up and start treat them as the most important part of your company.

DimensionData and NTT. On the limited dimension earth , seems only way to survive , or to slay alive is to “eat” competitors. Companies eating each other when need fresh blood. Recent example was IBM and RedHat, and many peoples said that IBM going to destroy RedHat good image. This greed seems is unstoppable . Only natural processes will stop them , as the normal peoples turning to slaves , and everything become worst and worst every year.

Only way to keep your earth healthy is to create rules regulating the greed. The greed is like mold, you have to burn it, in order to stop its grow. But who going to fix it , as the present slave owners, they are the same people who make the laws. These peoples will never turn against themselves. Become strong, enough to smash every peoples attempt to be free. They are able to destroy every country which is against the slavery. They can make every country poor only for one night. So seems we lost the battle. Seems so. But they are natural processes , which can not be controlled by the greed people. And some day, they world will collapse. The earth is no so strong to take so much heavy greed. And fill be forced to protect itself , killing the parasites.

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