AT&T Brno

AT&T Brno

The new AT&T aquarium waiting for fishes

Type : Hotline support

Salary range: low to regular employees

Possibilities to increase your IT knowledge – Bad to average (depending of the team)

Home offices and flexible working time – n/a

Open job positions in AT&T – Always – Employee Turnover


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If you have any issues , concerns, or you just need to complain or you need somebody going to listen you – use this :  attached to every corner in the AT&T Building…

How AT&T Brno works

how at&t works
AT&T Brno and the Employees

AT&T do not  have network coverage in Czech Republic . What the hell they doing here ? Verizon too.

yet another US corporation coming to EU to kill the local business

AT&T Brno is another low cost center situated in Czech Republic  supporting  the US telecommunication giant AT&T US.

 Cheap building ,looks like a shoes factory face, crowd and noisy environment.The employees working for AT&T Brno are mostly from poor countries like Romania, Bulgaria,India, and other.
Most of the “good” job positions in AT&T Brno are occupied from Czech citizens which represent around 20 % of the employees.
Working in AT&T means to neutralize the energy of angry US ATT customers, and to support the lazy management stuff providing copy and paste /monkey work style/ IT support.You don’t need a special kind of knowledge (basic is enough) , you don’t need to be smart to be hired.You will do only the dirty tasks which are not suitable for the Americans citizens.

AT&T do not like to invest in the people aboard. The people working in AT&T Brno should take the Thankless work from the lazy Americans.

ATT&T Brno working as a call center in Europe , together with India, and another poor countries in the world “following the sun” with 24/7 cheap support.


The unsuccessful attempt of the company AT&T US to purchase US T-Mobile mobile operator cause a huge loss of the company – over 6 billion US dollars. Now AT&T start transfer a job positions from US to Czech Republic, Slovak Republic , India and other countries with a low living standards with the purpose to offer high quality services for low paid work.
The company expects to reduce total expenses using a low cost people agreed to work only for food and shelter, mostly foreigners.
During the recruitment process this company will promise you a good work environment , a lot of trainings , a good opportunity to develop yourself and fast growing.
This is a bullshit.
You can not grow your knowledge because company do not like to invest money and time for an external trainings. The “old” guys will teach you how to do your daily tasks. You will be forced to teach your colleges , although it is wrong ,not professional and it is not your duty.
To be able to grow in this company you should be a conformist and ready to kiss managers asses.
You should be agree with everything including every stupid idea of your boss. Your complains do not cause any changes.
AT&T creates some kind of internal competition between the people. The company only teach you to be selfish and hypocrite.
Your computer workstation will be monitored , including your private data and activities.
Please note that action is illegal in European Union and it is a crime act from the company side.
For example you can be fired because of frequently usage of Facebook , but nobody will give you the official reason because you can use this statement in the court.
AT&T Brno creates some kind of brain washing procedures which let you to feel like a special or a chosen one, to be involved in the company success as the company owner is. To spend all of your time to work in this great companies even during the weekends.They trying to create a feeling that you are like an company owner .
The same procedure was used from communist leaders in the communist countries before many years ago.

AT&T Brno always has open job positions in the labor market. Nobody wants to stay in this company any longer, its a waste of time.People come , face the reality and start searching for a new job opportunities.

The salary is not a “big deal” . The salaries of the “high level” positions are the same like a tram driver in Czech Republic.
The salaries of the low levels support are enough only to pay your rent and to have some food.
Home office is prohibited in AT&T Brno , although you always support a remote sites.
Respect ? None.
From the company point of view you are noname, noface, nonature, nofeeling resource only. This allow the company to replace the people without stress for the company business.

Searching in internet you will see that AT&T has the worst customer support in US.

More information and customers feedback about AT&T US

Additional information:

Working at NSC Global:

the story were taken from Jobbite

“Working for NSC global in Brno, Czech Republic has been one of the worst periods in my life. I consider being a moral mission letting other people know that going there might be the biggest mistake of their life, dooming both their career and their sanity. The review is based on personal experience and on facts related by the guys who worked and are still working (not the right word, slavery would be more appropriate) there.
I took the decision after still seeing the internet job market sites flooded with job offers for the Cisco Engineer/Network Specialist position in the heart of Europe.
Be AWARE, it is NOT!
When going there I had dreams that I was going to work for the biggest ISP, I was promised all kinds of benefits, trainings, certifications paid by the company, flexibility, assistance with language, paid holidays. Well, none of these were fulfilled. Really … NONE.
The promised trainings consisted of a two-three weeks joke training with a guy who had nothing to do with networking, but with the Indian call-center industry maybe. That was the moment I started having doubts. In the end I was tested with mock-calls. This was the test for the Network Specialist position. I wanted to quit during the first month, but hey, I had already signed a rent contract for a whole year (as it is the custom here), so no escape. I thought, ok, let’s give it a try, maybe I will survive. In the beginning, the job was pretty relaxing. It turned out it was meant like this from the very beginning. It was the master plan of two people, let’s call him – the Pinky and her – the Brain. The probation period in Czech Republic is 3 months, during which people can leave without notice and employer can fire you without notice. They behaved nice to us because they desperately needed people. After the three months, the nightmare became reality. First we were told that new customer swill come. About a couple of thousand!
And the phones starting ringing like hell. Network Specialist … right. I wondered why I have spent several years of my life learning in the University, studying for all kind of certifications. For a Pinky, who openly announces at the meetings that we must work more so that he receives the yearly fat bonus at the end of the year?
After that they started listening to our calls, evaluating your every word, phrase, reports being generated.
After that a productivity plan was set, like in the banana farms, which consisted of how many calls and updates in a ticket you had – it didn’t matter what you wrote in the ticket, as long as you were the boss’s, team leader’s friend, ass-licker. If you didn’t have the productivity you had a meeting with Pinky or the Brain and most probably get fired. Soon, they’ve added another couple of thousands of customer and started organizing the lunch breaks. The lunch break was set to 30 minutes. If you stayed 1 minute longer (literally!) – manager meeting – probably fired.
Talking about flexibility, you were allowed to take your legally awarded holidays only when and if the company allowed you to do that. Several people (about 10) had to approve this, and if for some reason one of them didn’t like you, no vacation for you. You have to know that the company does not pay the first three days of you sick-leave and the Czech law allows them to fire you even if you are sick, or refuse your medical sick-leave for whatever reason they want.
After that, the Pinky came with the idea of transforming all this into a real global hot-line. And phones starting ringing very bad, from installing piece of tish software on pc’s to updating Indian call-centers. Brain, which was working for NSC global agreed – more money for my company.
You are NOT allowed to take small, LEGAL breaks!!! So you are forced to stay 8 hours in front of the PC. It almost makes you want to cry when you see the team-leaders and their friends, other Czechs, “on talent” going out for a smoke every 10 minutes. But, after that you have to remember that for them you are not human. You are forced to take incoming call while working on active incidents – impossible. The perfect multi-tasking machinery. For them you are nothing but a replaceable piece of … easily replaceable by another unlucky bastard which falls in their trap. Brno is indeed a trap. If you go there you cannot find another job because there are no other opportunities and if there were they would make sure you won’t be hired anywhere Search the internet for what they did to other persons, who were forced to ask for embassy help! Czech Republic is the India of Europe.
They will not provide any training. And customers pay for these services …
You are not allowed to take part in any training because they are afraid you will learn something new and might get the opportunity to leave the company. They won’t pay and certifications but force you to get some of the ones needed by NSC global in their portfolio, in order to get the Cisco gold member status, like the ones nobody ever needs/aks.

As a summary:
Don’t go there because
1 slavery
2 no career
3 slavery
4 slavery
5 hotline
6 no breaks for resting, at least your eyes
7 hundreds of calls per day
8 no paid sick leave
9 no holidays for you unless you are Czech or favorite of the boss
10 no perspective
11 slavery
12 you are a number for them, easily replaceable by another innocent victim

I also urge anyone still working there to have a look through the Czech Labor law – you can find it on the Czech Labor Ministry Site and it’s in English. It’s not worth working in a bad environment with peasants, Hillbillies, Z’s ,Petr’s, etc, Nancies … acting like managers and team-leaders. They should know that their place is in a big farm, laying the hay stacks. IT environment is not for people promoted based on friendship, relative degree and bribery!!!!

I’m releasing this to general public to be shared, for the benefit of the human kind!

Sources , and more information :  Click here

surprised ?

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9 thoughts on “AT&T Brno

  1. I totally disagree. Maybe you`re experience is based on one of the worst and boring job you could ever do there, if that is the case then it means you still need experience and knowledge to get a better job.
    In my case, as operational DBA, I learnt a lot and the salary I was getting was quite in the average (40K per year).
    Overtime paid and being oncall on rotation with other 2 team members (that means additional money at the end of the month).
    I understand your frustration but you cannot make a global judgement by having a poor experience in the field of IT and pretending to have a good job and good salary.


  2. I totally disagree. Maybe you`re experience is based on one of the worst and boring job you could ever do there, if that is the case then it means you still need experience and knowledge to get a better job.
    In my case, as operational DBA, I learnt a lot and the salary I was getting was quite in the average (40K per year).
    Overtime paid and being oncall on rotation with other 2 team members (that means additional money at the end of the month).
    I understand your frustration but you cannot make a global judgement by having a poor experience in the field of IT and pretending to have a good job and salary.

  3. I was offered a role with this company today and it seemed very inviting but after reading these comments will wait for the call tomorrow and let them know I have changed my mind, is there an upside to this company


  4. So iam comletely agree with the article above.Regarding Czech ppl did not like them coz they are not friendly at all.. very stupid nation at least in Brno and other places except Prague as Iwas told ppl in the capital more friendly…even i had a few cases which was realted to rent the flat where realtors tryed to trick me….so if u dont speak czechs u will not be treated well on the street on the job chech ppl have a lot of complexes about everything!!

  5. Well,
    I would like to add something from my side! I worked not in this department in another one for a few months and have quitted this place fortunately!!So a lot of romanian and bulgarian, mb gypses etc from that places…they come with their mentality( intrigues,hypocricy , kissing asses, laziness etc) for them its like a paradise there even with low wages…Also i can include that for my period that i have stayed there i did not learn anything useful for me only some useless things.The idea is to be like a robot and to do the same things every day!!

  6. Well mate , here are some comments .
    1.Czech law doesn’t pay first 3 days of sickness but AT&T pay it if you worked there for more than 6 months . In the slip is as a bonus for the month .
    2.In my team is allowed to take breaks – every hour 5 minutes .
    3.Don’t know what NSC is and from what I’ve read you working in a help desk ( which sucks of course ) but there are lots of other teams .
    And I can go so on and so on in that direction .
    Don’t say its not slavery or the salary is perfect but what do you want from a low coast center . You can find a team that gives you good trainings ( SISCO , LTE , etc ) but again depends on the team – some are paying just the certifications if you past the exams – but still better than nothing .
    And for the contracts for rent – read it and if doesn’t say can be terminated from both sides with 1 ( 2 ) month (s ) notice – don’t sign it . And even then you can leave and that’s it .
    I don’t say is perfect , has its downs like you said – examples Czech think they are better than you – but they are morons ( most of the cases ) , management sucks and other stuff but if you don’t find you place – you can always look for better place . But in now days – its kind off hard and becoming even harder .
    So GL and HF .

  7. I have been working in nsc global Brno 2 years already and I have only positive experience with the company as well as the team.
    There is international environment with great opportunity to meet people from different countries. I really like the atmosphere here; everybody is nice, friendly and always willing to help. Even management team is very helpful and I can ask for assistance with anything anytime.
    I also really appreciate possibility to develop my skills – having training as well as sharing knowledge with my colleagues; I consider this as the best way how to learn new things.
    Brno is wonderful city with loads of possibilities what to do in free time; you can do almost any sport activity here. Not many Czech people speak English; however they are always willing to help. Even nsc global offers us help, especially with medical care, when we have English speaking doctors we can contact to. I didn’t experience such a great experience before and I really enjoy Brno experience and working with my colleagues.

    Admin note:
    its look like that you had the perfect job there. I am really surprised that you decided to leave this heaven. Now I have several question to you which can help us to improve this blog:
    1. why you decide to quit AT&T but still living in Brno.
    2. Where do you working now ?
    3. Which countries do you mean ?
    4. what kind of skills you have been developed ?
    5 why you abandon your career at AT&T ?
    6. How we can trust you when you do not using your personal email and do not give us any useful details ? Your post seems to be taken from some company job ads 🙂

    I am sorry but this post looks like a bad created advertising, and will be deleted because we do not tolerating company advertising here.
    Thanks !

      You are right, I STILL HAVE perfect job there and I don’t plan to leave it.
      Answers to your questions:
      1) I have been working for nsc global in team based in at&t Brno already 2 years. I didn’t leave nsc global/at&t.
      2) I’m working for nsc global in team based in at&t Brno centre.
      3) I’m not sure I understand your question correctly. Are you asking which countries are our team members from? If so, my colleagues are from almost all EU countries; some of colleagues coming from non EU countries like Australia or for instance from Latin American countries.
      4) As our team is focus on technical support of customers I’ve been developing my technical skills (network related) as well as communication with customers.
      5) vide above – 1)
      6) What makes you think I don’t use my private email? The reason I decided to put here my feedback was because I don’t agree with above mentioned comments and I wanted to share my experience with others. I’m not a marketing specialist and the intention was just to let others know that nsc global is good company and working in at&t Brno can bring loads of interesting opportunities.
      May I ask you – admin – a question: When somebody can upload their feedback – mostly negative feedback as far as I noticed, why is so suspicious to put here positive feedback as well? thank you

      but I saw the same text in seems that you copy/paste the same text on many places. I still thinking that you are doing some kind of advertising because many of the recruiters trying to post some ads here 🙂
      About your satisfaction: Depends of your requiremets . Some people are happy with 1000 euros some not 🙂
      I see that the companies in Brno always hiring a people thats mean many people leaving.

  8. I just come back from ATT Bron (employed by NSC Global) after a year and a half working there. Maybe things have changed since some of the coments posted here, maybe people were just frustrated and grumpy, but from my personal experience I have to say that For a big company NSC global suprised me. People were friendly, managers looking after their staff and always trying to help to find a solution. Gabriela Vraspirova has been my manager for 8 months with Stefan Grzelka, they both handle the team on a great way from the work and human point of vue. I faced a few trouble during that time and each time they helped to find a solution even when it was for personal matters. Technicaly if you come for a first experience this place is also great. Dealing with worlwide customer, working on many different technologies, devices and network configurations, having non restricted access to various devices on varous huge company’s network. as long as you want to progress you can. Management trust their technician and you can always refer to colleague if you experience some issue. Once you think you’ve done the overall of the technologies offered by the team you are working with, it is always possible to change for another team and work on new stuff. The job is based on ticketing system with some objectives so it might be frustrating at the begining if you are not familiar with this but if you start in networking that is most probaby the way it’s gonna be. Regarding the post “Working at NSC Global: (the story is taken from here)” I would love to know what kind of job this guy found afer… Even the city and the life is great, full of students and foreigners, for me and many other it was a memorable period of my life. you will hardly find combination of all that can offer Brno’s life.

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