RedHat Brno

RedHat Brno

In order to survive the greed monsters need to eat each others.

IBM will acquire RedHat as last attempt to survive on the market. R.I.P RedHat


Type : Low cost IT center

Salary range: average to the area, but poor to IT average salaries in Europe. Czech republic is on the salary corner in Europe.

Possibilities to increase your IT knowledge – Low,in a Narrow Area only which you can use in another call centers.Customer support center behavior.Hotline

Open job positions – Always – Employee Turnover

Home offices and flexible working time – Good to poor. You have to be closed to the customer needs all the time, although there is no local IT infrastructure, but it is good for the brainwashing.

It`s Very hard to say that RedHat is a good company when this is another low cost center using cheaper the people`s knowledge. Even 13th salary can not compensate the poor salaries and environment , and the time waste. Remember that the life is too short to spend it serving greedy business needs.

High requirements for low salary and thankless job. For the same knowledge and experience you will have 4-10 times higher salary in some non outsourcing company in a normal country. Lets say the company don’t like to pay good money for the experience which they required.

Information from the salaries taken from Glassdoor.

Red Hat Software Engineer Monthly Pay in Brno. The typical Red Hat Software Engineer salary is Kč45,000. Software Engineer salaries at Red Hat can range from Kč40,000 – Kč60,000.Nov 8, 2018.

AS any other low cost companies RedHat always hiring… and loosing people.RedHat-always-hiring

RedHat decide to rent its building close to the Technical University in Brno. The students are the cheapest resources which can support the interests of this company.The students can combine the general idea of each low cost center  – find smart, and in the same time – cheaper people.

Unfortunately the graduated students deciding to work in UK, Netherlands ,Belgium, sometimes Germany, but not in RedHat Brno.The smartest one .So, the company was forced to start searching a people from the closest IT company around – IBM offering little bit better salary.

But in IBM the people are 70 % foreigners from the poor countries.

Because IBM still did not understanding how to hold and keep the experienced people, the corporations like AT&T and RedHat increase the IBMers salary with 10 % and start stealing the people from the rest of the corporation in the region.

In fact this is not real competition between the corporation.Some people thinking that these corporations have some agreement how to use the resources (people) in the region.There is a constantly movement between these US corporation , without any positive effect for the job seekers.

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2 thoughts on “RedHat Brno

  1. This is the most reputable Linux company with a billion dollar turnover. Stock exchanges and various blue chip companies run on Red Hat OS.

    Some of the best known gurus eithher work for or have worked for Red Hat at some point., including some of the original GTK developers.

    The R&D center in Brno is the Red Hat\s largest and employs about 600 engineers from all over the world. The company invests heavily in the Brno site and has just opened a second high-tech builing. Thanks to the highly skilled local engineers and great graduates from VUT and MU, also many engineers from abroard move to Brno because of the company’s high reputation.

    Benefits and employee support are trend-setting and satisfaction is very high. Due to Red Hat’s commitment to Brno, the city has become a hotbed for Linux development and atrackts many leaading conferences as last year’s Ruby converence or this year’s GUADEC conference.

    1. Really ? Real gurus never going from poor countries to another poor country.
      The real guru not working in low cost centers .
      Real guru salary is not 40k , but over 120k
      Seems you living in some non existing world, or you just working as HR in this low cost company ..

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