Czech Mobile Phone Operators

Czech mobile phone client

Czech mobile phone operators.

Are one of the worst operators in European Union countries.

They have very similar tariffs, not only for the calls, but also for the data services. There is no change or improvements in their plans long time ago. Many peoples from Czech decided to use Slovak, German or Austrian mobile operators, than Czech, because it have better tariffs, and better customer support.

For example 500 MB of data still cost about 5 Euros, for limited period of time. So if you purchase 500 or more megabytes, they will disappear after 30 days !!!. One of our readers said that is the same, if you purchase a bottle of Wine, and don’t drink it, then the operator will take it back ! WTF ?! This amount of data is already paid in advance ! It mean you already paid for this data, and it should be valid until you spend it. This is a kind of theft, but theft is common in this country.May other operators moving not used amount of data to the next month , and it is correct approach to its customer. But not in Czech. Technologically they continue to live in the 19th century.

In Czech the word customer mean nothing, and customers at all don’t have so much rights.All what they want is that the Beer to be cheap.This is the reason many companies to do what they want in this country. also the customer rights are not well protected in Czech Republic.


First of all – make them poor. Stop using their services, until they do not improve tariffs and plans, according other normal countries. Purchase any EU mobile SIM card, will be better solution, you will have better tariff plans, and better customer service. Cancel your contracts , or negotiate better prices. If they refuse just cancel the contract. After some time they will ask you to become your client , and offer you better tariffs. Be sure. They make its profit because of you.

Purchase any Slovak card, for example O2 Slovakia don’t have roaming in Czech Republic. You can use your Slovak SIM card as local. Mobile phone tariffs are better than Czech prepaid tariffs, your remained data will be moved to the next month. In that way no one will steal your prepaid data amount. You will not receive spam and warnings that your limit expires. Even with 0 Euros in your prepaid SIM , you still can make a calls. Mobile operators representatives are much smarter and more concerned. Their mobile applications are made better. But why. Czechia and Slovakia was the same country before. I think peoples in Slovakia are not so asleep

Mobile phone operators in Czech Republic are Vodafone, T-Mobile,O2. None of them really care about the customers rights and stealing from their customers, using the same methods as the mafia before. Stealing a thing which is already paid is a kind of fraud. People in the Czech Republic seem to be used to lying to them.

czech mobile phone operators

Be advised guys, and take care

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