Medicover – Dont Do This Mistake


Medicover – Dont Do This Mistake

The Modern Health Care

As every other commercial healthcare this one also not working good.  This antisocial healthcare is typical for the countries which put its national health care on a corporations. Even kids perfectly know that most of the corporations do care only its profit.

As every normal person I do prefer the social model which is most human and do not allow the greedy pharmaceutical corporations to make a profit from suffering people.Now in some countries in Europe, including Czech Republic, health care become a good profitable business based on the US corporate model. The healthcare should be full paid or absolutely free. Any other variants creating corruption and low quality. This will be realized several years later, when the peoples start dying from it.

Our blog reader sent us his experience with this kind of US “health care” which is mandatory for all employees in US outsourcing low cost companies.The employees don’t have rights to choose another one. Only Medicover.

IBM and AT&T dealing with Medicover /Mediconet and forcing their employees to use their services. I said “services” because the medical care there is far away from any acceptable vision about the real Health Care . The employees don’t have the right to choice another hospital or medical care and nobody ask them,  because the corporation have a contract with Medicover. Democracy ? No , forget about this word when you deal with US corporations.

He said that Medicover don’t have the necessary equipment’s and the necessary wide profile professional doctors which should care to all people needs and health problems. If your health problem is not typical, doctors always will divert you to their private clinics where you have to pay.But the salaries in these companies are enough only to survive.Many people are unable to save money, and they work only for a food and the rent.In the same time they work in the biggest IT companies in the world ..
And where are going all the money? Of course to the greedy shareholders. In this way Medicover / Mediconet become a kind of Health Supermarket where nobody really care about your personal health.

If you need some medical assistance during the weekends – Forget about Medicover and start searching another one. Medicover do not providing 24/7 medical assistance.Medicover is spreading like a cancer across the Europe and soon the good healthcare will become a myth and history .Because nobody care and everybody sleep and  agree with any condition.Of course nobody complain.

Medicover do only blood tests , and some basic medical procedures ,but better avoid their services to save your health.

Never Ever dial Medicover phone number 1221. They will overcharge you like sex telephone.


The second call is an international call.

 Medicover would not  inform the customers about the additional cost of your calls . This definitely break the trade LAW !!!

Medicover. Never call 1221 number ! Domain information

contact:      MEDICOVER
org:          Medicover Holding (Cyprus) Ltd.
name:         Maciej Rybczynski
address:      Arch. Makariou III, 195
address:      Limasol
address:      3030
address:      CY

Cyprus? WTF ?!!

In Case of Emergency dоnt waste your time with Medicover . Just use some of these:

University Hospital

Fakultní nemocnice Brno-Bohunice

Jihlavská 20
Tel: +420 532 231 111

Opening hours: Mon– Sun: nonstop

Emergency Hospital (injuries and emergency dental care)

Úrazová nemocnice v Brně

Ponávka 6
Tel: +420 545 538 111
Fax: +420 545 211 082

Surgery hours:
Mon – Fri: 17:00 – 7:00
Weekends: nonstop

Edit : Some information were deleted , as outdated by a request. Thanks for the update

Take Care Guys . Be smart

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