3 thoughts on “EmbedIT Brno – Yet another IT low cost center

  1. Hi,
    sorry, but I have to disagree, if you look at the open positions, you see that they have open position even for JAVA seniors, IT architects, etc… so it doesn´t look like “IT farm”. Other thing is, that I know some people from Embed and they really love it there. For example, Embedit supports JUG BRNO, I´ve been at couple of seminars in our faculty and some teachers work at Embedit and they are pritty awsome. And last thing is, that on the web site you can see that they work for Home Credit and they cover IT area of the company. But maybe you get better information, so I´m not sure about it.
    Best regards

  2. I still don´t understand why do you think it is IT farm, when the postions are for example: JAVA senior, IT architects, ets… And you can see on website, that they work (are) HOme Credit… But maybe I´m wrong so please give me more information about it… thanks

  3. Cizour
    I guess you never been in a normal company till now
    Go to UK or Germany, compare the company quality and the salaries and come again


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