When you offering money for bananas only you will get only monkeys..


Received too many emails asking me which company is better. I think the company environment is well described in IBM and AT&T page.

Unfortunately I can not advice you which one is better for you , because every person have a different requirements , different point of view , different knowledge area.

My personal opinion is to avoid any outsourcing , low cost company because they steal our local customers , decrease the average salary in IT area , push us to work in a Farm environment , Do not care about the countries where they are located, do not invest resources /money/ to EU infrastructure because they rent everything to be able to leave without expenses if  the situation in the region change.They are ready to change their place of interests without any stress because they don’t have nothing locally except you.This parasite behavior is well known.

If this corporations still wants to support their economical interests in Europe they should provide the same or similar salaries like in US, because , in this way, they turn us into a slaves.

The same thing was happening many years ago , when they start to use African people  as a slaves.These people have been working only for food and shelter which is very similar to the current situation.Only the “chains” was replaced with loans , plastic money /credit cards/ ,visa or contract dependencies.

Both companies force you to use Medicover which provide bad health care of company employees.

Once you start to work in this corporation will be very hard to change your job with a better one. They working closely with the Job Agencies pay them the same amount of money like your salary to keep your neck tight.If you complain or search for your rights they will put you in the black list.The greedy corporations and jobs agencies are well coordinated than us. Corporations have been created like a well working machine for slave creation and usage. Shame to these Agencies which sell cheap their own national treasure – the people !

The greedy politics are happy , because these companies pay well to use the local resources cheaper, and do not care about the people satisfaction.

Wake UP people , don’t  agree to be a part of this schema

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