How To recognize the right Employer.Some tips

How To recognize the right Employer


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Hello guys

Many people are unable recognize the real face of  the good companies. There are some tips which may help you to avoid bad companies and stop wasting your time until find the good ones.

It`s quite easy , but you need to have some experience in the public relation and psychology, or just some imagination.

First, what is the most important thing to any company ? easy question – the profit /money/.

So the question “What is your motivation to join our company” is stupid and hypocritical.

When the money was invented nobody will work without salary even the owner of the company too. As we are money dependent people there are no another reason to searching for a job. Even the slaves working for a food /kind of payment/

The second stupid question – “What is your salary expectation “ OMG , we living in a monetary world. Some people have a luxury boats , private planes , but not you !? Why ? Because your salary expectation is low ? This is total bullshit! . Mandatory for every company is the salary range provided in the job description. If you got a job description without information about the salary range provided – ignore it . don’t waste a time.Every companies trying to find a cheapest people , because they  don’t care about the people at all.

The purpose of the motivation letter is to provide a full picture of your personal slavery thinking way, and your patience.This is a way allow them to feel your spirit They trying to figure out are you ready to obey , to complain , your intelligence. Some companies do not need smart people..Many companies just looking for a monkeys ready to work in any condition with any salary.Of course low , just to survive.

Do not accept any salary which will be enough only to survive . If you are unable to save minimal 40 % of your salary don’t waste your life serving to greedy corporations.

If the company is poor then better to close the doors and stop existing on the market, and do not force the people to work for coins.

What is “the good” salary amount. With your good salary your rent will cost around 1/4 of your monthly income. If you spend more that 50 % of your salary for rent/accommodation/ that mean the rent is too high , or your salary is too low. Do not waste a time to pay someone mortgage and spend your life to someone which don’t know or don’t care about you.

Yes, some companies do not care about the human personality,people, and we are just a “piece of meat”.

You should not care about the current economical condition in the country where you working, because this status do not depending by you.

Usually the stupid HR`s trying to convince you using these words -” You can not ask for this .. salary , because the average salary in the country is … ” who care ?! I am not a builder of this country. The economical status of each country depending by the government and the politics , not by me. So, the salary should depending by the workload and job responsibilities, not by the poor country economical status.

I would like to live normally with the salary , to travel, to buy a books and to build my life. Not wasting my time to make your customers and shareholders happy .


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