6 thoughts on “Job Agencies in Czech Republic: Are They Really Working for You?

  1. This is one piece of crap. You have no idea how labor market works. Its clear that you are just some frustrated rejected candidate from east who dont even got a offer from such company as IBM and others. So stop spreading your lies and face the thruth you worthless scumbag

    1. From “East” ? mr Mesensky are you from “West” ? 🙂 Check your pay slip , compare it with someone in Germany and let us know . it will be funny 🙂

  2. Obviously you got offended by this article somehow .
    I’d advice you watch you tongue and to stay in same shit hole from where you just jump out.

    Anyway we’re trying to keep good tone here and providing information based on feedback from “real” people 🙂

  3. This guy is working for one of the job agencies in Brno. will be interesting for us what is the income because of the “slaves” which they hiring and selling to the corporations ?

  4. Oh you are so wrong about CPL and Ireland. This place is Western Europe’s IT shithole like Brno appears to be for East. Only difference being that here most of the IT companies pays way less than average salary. CPL being one of the worst to work for. The 18-21k a year will sound great until you start looking cost of living. You can’t afford apartment, you will rent a room from shared apartment or house. You will not eat well, because you can’t afford it and you definitely will not make any savings.

    Only reasons why big IT companies (yes all of them) has centers here are: a) Western people are easier to lure to Ireland than East block countries b) _corporate_ tax is one of the lowest in EMEA (personal, not so) c) there is no need to take care of your employees either.

    Ireland is not a bad place to be after you have got out of these call center pits. People are nice, weather is crap and beer is good. For 1bed apartment you pay (including bills) around 1000 to 1500 a month (see the “good salary” deals does not sound that great anymore), then you spend easily extra 70-100 for phone and internet, jug of milk is over 2 EUR already and loaf of bread around the same. If you want to have a car, purchasing it is cheap, but be prepared to pay 1000/year for insurance and 500-1500/year for road tax (that adds up couple of hundred to your expenses per month). Of course petrol sets you back somewhere around 1.70/litre. Going to movies starts to be around 12-15/ ticket and pint (beer or cider) sets you back between 4 and 6 eur. Suddenly you realize that the 1800/month salary isn’t that great after all.

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