Job Agencies in Czech Republic

Job Agencies in Czech Republic

Job agencies in Czech Republic

How the jobs agencies works in Czech Republic ?

You will be surprised if understand how many job agencies exist in the low cost IT market in Czech Republic

If you open any jobs related websites you will see always same corporation constantly hiring a people. This could be a warning that there something is wrong.The corporations are unable to keep a people in their work places. Usually the people do not leaving the companies, they leaving because of the wrong management and bad salary.Actually Czech Republic become “low cost country” , good place to the greedy monsters which do not way to pay good salaries.

Do not expect from the job agencies to find for you a good and well paid job.The agencies working with the corporation and they are on the corporate`s side. Jobs agencies always will try to give you a less salary, because the rest belong to the agency. Usually the agency fee is above your monthly salary.

Tons of job agencies in Czech Republic trying to serve to the US corporation to find a cheapest people. The companies , especially  US, pay huge money to find a quality people for less money.

If you take a look at the job agencies websites you will found that they never give us the salary range in the jobs offers.  The good agencies always will inform you about the salary , and will advice you too.The good job agency will offer a real salary range depending by the job responsibility and your experience.

If the agency do not mention the salary in the first contact – be sure this agency not working for the job seekers !

If the agency offer you a cup of coffee , or cold drinks during your stay there – This is your agency 🙂

Do not expect from the job agencies to find a good job for you ! do it by yourself searching in the company websites.


In this way the agencies working for the greedy corporations , not for the employees. You are just piece of meat which can be sold cheaper.

The agencies (most of them) do not have interest to find a good job for you,especially if you are a foreigner.The people which changing the job frequently are more suitable because this act generate a money. In same time the corporation do not care so much about the people. The people are only a resources which can be replaced immediately without any impact on the company business.

Sometimes and some agencies publishing non existing, but attractive job positions to collect people`s CV which will be used to offers the companies searching a people for a bad or low paid job description .So you apply for a position but you will get an answer like “unfortunately this position is closed but we have another position for you”

Some IT companies prefer to be hidden behind some job agencies because of a worst previous  feedback in the labor market.The jobs agencies will try to convince you that the job is perfect , well paid and attractive for you. The Job agencies in Czech Republic will hide the bad feedback about the offered job.

The Jobs Agencies in Czech Republic will forget you if you are not selected for the preferred job.They will not inform you , and never will advice you about the salary range provided by the IT company.

In Total some of  the Job agencies in Czech Republic always will trying to cheat you . Be aware !

Illegal monitoring of employees used by US companies located in Europe

Stay away , or pay attention with the Job Agencies in Czech Republic listed below

Experis Brno   – A Job agency which support and working together with IBM , and located in IBM Building in Brno will give a good job offer, good salary,  just to catch you as a candidate.

Grafton – Yet another job agency dedicated to the corporation .Arrogant attitude toward people.Do not expect an answer if they found another candidate.Lazy people working there.Of course the local Czech peoples have an advantages if you apply for a same position as a foreigner.Not recommended.

CPL Jobs – A job agency dedicated  to the rich corporations like AT&T and IBM .CPL care only to his own profit only using the people like a no name  resources.The company protect the corporation rights , not yours.

CPL trying to grow in another countries in Europe , but the offered positions are low paid and thankless jobs.

Hagen Human Capital Don’t Care about the candidates and do not update the information related to hiring process.Serving to the biggest corporation , not to candidates.Trying to outsource your life cheaper.

Timone (?) – waiting for confirmation and update.

Advantage Consulting s.r.o  Almost positive feedback. They working mostly with local companies,but if you are foreigner they will try to outsource your life. 

Alvisio Czech Republic - Head hunters - Bad people understanding , don't care about the candidates , they care only about its own profit

Admin notice: If you agree or not agree with these statements please send me your feedback sharing your experience,and provide some details. Some agencies already start to write me an angry emails, but in fact , there is no facts. “Bla Bla” comments will be not published. Thanks!

Many Indian companies trying to take over the European jobs market . They using UK phones, but it is only UK gateways , the real location of the companies is India. Be adviced !

Will be updated regularly.

Job Agencies in Czech Republic
Job Agencies in Czech Republic

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6 thoughts on “Job Agencies in Czech Republic

  1. Oh you are so wrong about CPL and Ireland. This place is Western Europe’s IT shithole like Brno appears to be for East. Only difference being that here most of the IT companies pays way less than average salary. CPL being one of the worst to work for. The 18-21k a year will sound great until you start looking cost of living. You can’t afford apartment, you will rent a room from shared apartment or house. You will not eat well, because you can’t afford it and you definitely will not make any savings.

    Only reasons why big IT companies (yes all of them) has centers here are: a) Western people are easier to lure to Ireland than East block countries b) _corporate_ tax is one of the lowest in EMEA (personal, not so) c) there is no need to take care of your employees either.

    Ireland is not a bad place to be after you have got out of these call center pits. People are nice, weather is crap and beer is good. For 1bed apartment you pay (including bills) around 1000 to 1500 a month (see the “good salary” deals does not sound that great anymore), then you spend easily extra 70-100 for phone and internet, jug of milk is over 2 EUR already and loaf of bread around the same. If you want to have a car, purchasing it is cheap, but be prepared to pay 1000/year for insurance and 500-1500/year for road tax (that adds up couple of hundred to your expenses per month). Of course petrol sets you back somewhere around 1.70/litre. Going to movies starts to be around 12-15/ ticket and pint (beer or cider) sets you back between 4 and 6 eur. Suddenly you realize that the 1800/month salary isn’t that great after all.

  2. This guy is working for one of the job agencies in Brno. will be interesting for us what is the income because of the “slaves” which they hiring and selling to the corporations ?

  3. Obviously you got offended by this article somehow .
    I’d advice you watch you tongue and to stay in same shit hole from where you just jump out.

    Anyway we’re trying to keep good tone here and providing information based on feedback from “real” people 🙂

  4. This is one piece of crap. You have no idea how labor market works. Its clear that you are just some frustrated rejected candidate from east who dont even got a offer from such company as IBM and others. So stop spreading your lies and face the thruth you worthless scumbag

    1. From “East” ? mr Mesensky are you from “West” ? 🙂 Check your pay slip , compare it with someone in Germany and let us know . it will be funny 🙂

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