IBM Brno 2018

IBM Brno 2018

I Beg for Money


Summary , and based on the information taken from Glassdoor IBM Brno 2017 seems the corporation feedback going down. I do not expect something else , because greed never leads to good. The greed corporations usually eating each other in order to survive, because they don’t know another way. The purchase of RedHat is an attempt to reanimate its own death. Will be great if Redhat culture will prevail over the IBM culture, but I don’t believe so.Rather the opposite.In the “modern society” do not tolerate smart peoples.

Except Indian employees, which are always happy ,  70 % of the feedback’s for this corporation are negative , not recommended or neutral. The opinions always showing the same – low organized company, bad or missing management , low salaries  in some areas. Too few positive comments can not misleading anyone.Many of the comments recommended to stay away from this corporation.

I guess in United States IBM could be not bad place to work , but in some areas conditions are near to slavery. Low salaries, bad attitude, bad management , overloading and chaos are typical reported issues in IBM Brno.Including the bureaucracy, it become a real nightmare.

Because the company trying to reduce its expenses don’t want to hire quality people. sometimes peoples have only language skills which reflect on whole processes , and it impact customer satisfaction at all. The new technologies actually are the well known old, but have cosmetic changes and new names. Some customers are really blind. Not only IBM using this trick.

Who are the IBM customers : Yet another greed companies, already fired their IT employees . They deserve no regrets, because at this way they killing the local small business , and local people prosperity. Because IBM do not invest in the local infrastructure, and bring the income in US.

The high management perfectly know that they hiring low skilled peoples , but to fill this gap , IBM creating tons of tools designed to control the people behavior . Brainwashing is also common method. Low skilled management , where the people managers are only “fuses”. Their role is to implement the dirty company activity , as its own idea. In case something went wrong the corporation will blame “the fuse”. Most of the managers are not smart enough to get this picture clear. Usually all bad things coming from the company, not from the managers, where they are only blind (really blind or stupid) instruments in the corporate hands.Including the fact that many of them are too selfish to care about the peoples in its team, or don’t know nothing about IT.Some peoples said that when the people are unable to fit somewhere else , they become managers.

IBM Brno is typical example of  bad organized office. The bureaucracy is one of the highest level. The peoples`s culture is very low. if an intelligent man falls into this place his shock is hard to be described.

About the job contract:

You will receive formal contract , where your responsibilities will be not described, or missing . This is not coincidence. This allow to the management to “fill black holes” with you. To put you extra thankless work.You can not complain, your salary will be not increased because of the additional workload added. From your contract you will know only the salary. Even the skill levels doesn’t matter. You will do everything from first to third level. You will perform tasks which do not match your job profile. In a normal country this can not be happened. Usually the job description is something formal. Nobody think to follow it. The main goal of HR department is to misleading you as candidate offering good work environment initially. Once the contract is signed your troubles just began.

Of course Czech authority keep “Eyes wide shut”  , most probably because of corruption.

Usually this company moving job positions from rich West to cheap East. Closing for example three job position and put it to one cheaper position. The reason could be that people in East are not well protected from its governments. In each good country any job position have minimum salary wage. But not in Czech Republic. In some country you will receive yearly salary increase m, but not in Czech Republic.For same position and same job activity the salary may vary with 60 %. Be sure that your Czech colleges will have better salary , if you are foreigner. You can not compare it , because the salaries in IBM Brno are confidential. At this way they can fu** you legally and no organization which can or would protect you.Local management always said that IBM Brno works at a loss, but this is bullshit as IBM opened same farm in Poland , with the same bad condition. In fact these farms generate huge profit for the greed shareholders, because the salaries are highly underestimated.

Actually nobody would asking you what you like , nobody care about you, and this is typical example for slavery.

The company still have high people turnover rates , but company trying to reduce it using local or dependent people , usually low or not skilled, and put them to Team Lead or Management position. They acting mostly as guards, dirty way of control , and you can expect any understanding , because most of the are selfish , or  with low culture.

If you are high skilled professional person, be ready to do others work , as your work is depended . In that way you will be forced to do their work , otherwise you not able do your work.  This dependency is well know in this company and its is a good way a cheaper people to be hired. As result you will be overloaded , pissed off , and will start to search a new job. Many people doing it after few months in this “great” company.In this company smart peoples still exist , but they are too few to compensate the ignorance around. If you are experienced person be sure you will have lot of troubles with the company ignorant , and they will do all possible to push you down ! They will not like you for sure.

Lot of peoples thinking to start there , just to put IBM in its CV. But his is no longer actual. When other companies see your CV and IBM, they are already know that your skills to thinking is already killed, and your brain – washed. No one need breed fake specialists and “paper” IT skills , and copy and paste style of work. In this company low skilled people acting as dispatchers , and usually you depending from them. Believe me it is very hard to deal with ignorant people. You will see many “IT professors”  because the most important thing is to create noise in this call center.

Any other job will be much easy: Link

IBM don’t want to invest in the buildings , and in the host country at all. The reason – they may move its business any time to another cheaper country faster. All supply there is handled by external companies , and the prices are high. For example you will eat and drink from vending machines , where companies selling products which can not sell in the markets. There are different kind of chemical drinks with only different color. The substance is out of order. Don`t eat or drink anything from machines if you do care about health.In this company you have to pay even for the water.

IT Zombies

The work environment is bad. It housing over 3500 people in a crowd space. But who care, even animals have wide space. Some of the people are like robots. Brainwashing can kill everyone , and any professional person will die slowly , and loose its professional behavior. Later it may be a problem if the people found another job, because this style exist only in IBM Brno , or some Indian companies.

Many companies required from the candidate to think , but in IBM Brno thinking may cause you only troubles.If you thinking you can see many wrong things , but you will not able to change it, because nobody would like to listen you. Nobody care about you.

Of course there no strikes , everybody trying to keep this misery job , because for most of them there is no other IT option when they have only language skills. Like many Project Managers from Poland . I don’t know why they called project managers in case they are regular language translators. No IT skills, and most probably their previous experience coming from a vegetable market.

If you like these condition , or can not find another job long time – IBM Brno is always opened to you. Welcome to the adult kindergarten.

By the way – Have you ever heard IBM donating something? Search in Google show nothing.

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2 thoughts on “IBM Brno 2018

  1. Absolutely agree
    First, your contract really doesn’t matter. This is not contract actually. It do not define your responsibility area , and be ready to do everything which need to be covered. Be ready to do all thankless job, because , no matter of your position, you will do the “dirty” job which no one wants. No matter are you an Architect , or just first level support you will be always on the bottom. Agree , that managers are only guards. Nothing real depending by this people , as they are on the same dirty condition. Pity , because some of them can not realize this fact. The salary always will be below from that your position require. Except these people which doing nothing, because there are many useless positions as team leaders for example. In the past , or the other companies they are high skilled persons, but not in IBM Brno. Excluding the fact that some managers assign a specific role to team leaders. They acting as the “bad cop, until the manager acting as the “good cop”. This idea is to keep some balance in some teams, and people thinking that there really someone care about the team. In fact you will be abused. Even worst that a prostitute, because this role also have some job description. in IBM Brno is worst , not only because the low salaries . The salaries are highly underestimated , and kept near the minimum. But this is IBM Brno, yet another shit hole at the middle if the European Union.

  2. You missing one important thing – The Stress !
    The stress is much more dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol. It kills lot of peoples.But in this corporation it is legal.
    The stress in this corp is on daily basis, because of bad organization and stupid and coward management. Its not close to slavery, this is slavery. All teams working with minimum amount peoples, because the purpose of this center is to make huge profit. Nobody care about the staff. Some people dieing on its working places , but you will never receive an email about it. Of course Czech government don’t know , or don’t care.Most probably – don’t care.

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