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  1. You missing one important thing – The Stress !
    The stress is much more dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol. It kills lot of peoples.But in this corporation it is legal.
    The stress in this corp is on daily basis, because of bad organization and stupid and coward management. Its not close to slavery, this is slavery. All teams working with minimum amount peoples, because the purpose of this center is to make huge profit. Nobody care about the staff. Some people dieing on its working places , but you will never receive an email about it. Of course Czech government don’t know , or don’t care.Most probably – don’t care.

  2. Absolutely agree
    First, your contract really doesn’t matter. This is not contract actually. It do not define your responsibility area , and be ready to do everything which need to be covered. Be ready to do all thankless job, because , no matter of your position, you will do the “dirty” job which no one wants. No matter are you an Architect , or just first level support you will be always on the bottom. Agree , that managers are only guards. Nothing real depending by this people , as they are on the same dirty condition. Pity , because some of them can not realize this fact. The salary always will be below from that your position require. Except these people which doing nothing, because there are many useless positions as team leaders for example. In the past , or the other companies they are high skilled persons, but not in IBM Brno. Excluding the fact that some managers assign a specific role to team leaders. They acting as the “bad cop, until the manager acting as the “good cop”. This idea is to keep some balance in some teams, and people thinking that there really someone care about the team. In fact you will be abused. Even worst that a prostitute, because this role also have some job description. in IBM Brno is worst , not only because the low salaries . The salaries are highly underestimated , and kept near the minimum. But this is IBM Brno, yet another shit hole at the middle if the European Union.

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