A definition of the Slavery

A definition of the Slavery


Many people still do not realizing what is the slavery. They still thinking that is a people in chains , once upon a time.

Lot of the people do not reading a books, do not know the human history or they are already brainwashed from the modern education system.  The children  start grown with stupid cartoon movies , watching Youtube, where is already full with idiots and advertisements . Later on the school they learning how to be consumers of useless things , and using the loans and the banks .The kids today do not know what the book is.

What is the main difference between the slaves in the past, and the present days . Actually there is no big difference . In the past the people was locked with a metal chains to the landlord property.The richest people can buy or sell slaves , there was a market for slaves . Now they called “job agencies” . And where are the chains now ? They are invisible now for the most of the people. Now they are called debts. The salaries are always below the peoples need. The people are forced to use loans. Even for smallest things already.

There are two ways to an employer to make from you a slave . Keeping you poor enough taking your possibilities to live several months without a salary. The salary is always calculated to be enough to the employees area ,only to meet your daily expenses , or to save some insignificant amount of money. Of course if you want to buy a car you have to ask for loan.Most certain way to “kill” yourself is to get a loan . Then your chains are locked. Most of employers creating dependencies which lock you on its working place.Most popular is the money dependence . Easy to create it. Using the fact that most of the people are selfish.

Most common way to become a slave is to get a loan for a house . Remember the history . For those which like to read books . The slaves in the past was work only for food and shelter . Even the shelter /home/ is not owned by the slave.its a kind of rent. Most of the slaves died as a slaves, and never seen the freedom.The biggest problem of the modern peoples is that they don’t want to break the chains and to be free. They want to be slave owners.

The present generation growing with the idea – If you need to have own house / an apartment/ You have to get a loan for more than 20-30 years long. Dear fellows, this exactly match the definition of the slavery. To spend almost all of your life for several walls. The life of the modern buildings usually are 60-80 years.Then ? Another debt paid from your children? Some peoples said – Better to pay loan , than to rent house. But they forgot something important – the freedom. When you buy an apartment with loaned money you will become dependent from your place, and your job. For you will be very hard to change your job, and always will be you will be afraid of losing it. And this is called slavery .

Lets imagine that you want to buy a smart phone which cost on the marked 1000 USD . The manufacturing cost for most of the smart phones is between 40-100 USD for the top models. Your salary is 1200 USD , so to buy it you have to spend one month hard work, almost every day , dealing with idiots, and spending your health and life. / Remember we are not immortals !! / And you now have the phone which cost your one month hard work . A phone which cost 50-100 USD. So be sure that your real salary is not 1200 USD , but 50 🙂 From where is coming this difference ? You spent 80 % of your salary for a thing which cost 50 USD. Definitely you feeding many other parasites with your salary. Most of them do not working well, even not working at all . Only the manufacturer and you, working hard. Both of you receiving coins for this job . Just think , you can find many other examples like this , health care system, pension system , military expenses and many other. The slavery exist more than ever now, but nobody going to inform you about it. The media, TV, radio is already owned by your slave owner. He don’t have interest to inform you about it.

So, you working hard for both of them. That is why you have to get a loan for a TV, Car, or House. The parasites never using loans. They don’t need it . Your work grant everything in their future, but they don’t know nothing about you. We are only a “piece of meat” which is valuable only when it is fresh, and alive.

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