Czechia become an outsourcing hell

Many peoples already know that the slavery still exist, but seems nobody know why the peoples agree to be a slaves.

Outsourcing office

As many other ex communist countries Czechia turn to outsourcing country, like India before.It become suitable place for many corporations which looking for cheaper , but experienced people.Not because these corporations are poor, but because they are greed.That is why Czechia become an outsourcing hell

A lot of other countries the labor code in Czech Republic is not strictly followed , which allow to the greed corporation to create its own job rules. In this way they creating “a country in the country” also known as “the deep country” areas even taking people from abroad. Many of them realized that this is “golden mine” for its own greed interests.Skipping the labor code these IT monsters creating near slavery environment, where no rules and no principles exist . Missing people`s protection by the labor code, allowing to the monsters to create formal contracts , with no job and responsibility description.This act allow them to put the employee in every dirty activity which the corporation have.The peoples cant complain , because the contract is created to protect employer , not the employees.

Peoples in these countries are very patient. do not complain , and don’t know very well its own rights. This is strike free country , where peoples are poor , but still very patient and still do not complain. A countries which government selling almost for free its own people, become a symbol of the new slavery. The people there still thinking that complaining is some kind dirty word. Including the inherited fear from the past,  they become easy victims of any greed corporate business. No resistance , no strikes , no complains , just silence and compliance.Many of the peoples even do not understanding that they are raped. All of these corporation do not invest in the local infrastructure , or the people. All income is moved overseas, except only the local taxes. As every other parasite they will move out if they sucked all resources , or unable to find cheaper people anymore. As they don’t care so mach of the host countries , they are arrogant and
merciless. The corporations do not care about the people , their rights , or their happiness. They care only for its own profits.

At the same time they killing every small business around, which really investing locally , have better salaries and do care much about the people.The local governments and the greed corporations are usually partners. Both of them working against the people. The reason for this
symbiosis is the corruption.
Greedy people which have the power, assist the greedy people with money. The deal is pretty simple . The corporations give money to the corrupted governments which creating laws that are convenient for corporations themselves. The peoples are only victims.

The greed

As result the local governments allow tho the greedy corporations to do what they want . No control.
What is necessary to a person to become a hangman of his own people?- Money.Money, also meaning much power, where the power turns back to money.

This vicious circle must be stopped. But how?
Ordinary people are desperate and poor. They are dependent by its monthly salary. The governments itself are the part of this dirty game.And actually the governments create the law serving to the greedy monsters.
There really is no way out. People lost the battle. There are several micro
protests around the world , but usually will be smashed easy , using the legal government weapon – the police.Lot of peoples really don’t realized that they pay taxes which are used against themselves. Weird democracy.

This process allow to many corporations to create outsourcing centers around the world , where the work environment is near to slavery. Some peoples said that is really slavery.

Modern slavery

What is the definition of the slavery . Work only for food and shelter . Money dependent people. People which like to have own property to become hostages of the banks . If you don’t have money for doctor you will die. Actually your government is your mother and father. You have no right to change anything. An unknown author said if the election could have something to change, it will be banned. But don’t forget the fact that any government exist because of the peoples , and their taxes.

In that way Czechia is not an exception . Like other countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Poland , it become arena for the dirty corporation business without rules. For short period many companies like IBM,AT&T, HP, HCL, Infosys, Tieto, Interoute, DHL, NNIT,Novartis,Verizon, and its variation names, and many other, opened offices where they moved many job positions, but only thankless only, just because they realized that in these countries no rules exist , and people are cheaper. Not because they liked these countries. Be sure.

Some companies, formal contract will be issued, where your role, and your responsibilities will be not described precisely. This will be no coincidence. According the law everything is fine, but they are not created according the peoples rights.These formal contracts allowing to your employer to do with you what it want. Actually this is a kind of legal slavery. Pretty sure that Czech government is aware , but they don’t give a shit.They will give you a salary which is enough only to cover your monthly expenses. You will not able to save money , to buy something different than food , and you will be dependent forever. If you leave, at the next month you will be hungry and thirsty,  even homeless. This is the modern slavery, tolerated by some governments.

Many people, more or less, knows already these facts, but they are too dependent to do anything . But I am thinking that soon or later peoples will wake up , and will be decapitating this ugly system.

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