1 thought on “How to Avoid Traps When Moving to Brno, Czech Republic

  1. Lot of things you write about are quite true. Surprisingly most of the websites put Brno in a very good light.
    I was changing my career to IT and had to accept the first job offer I got. Brno was the best choice as it was easier to get a job here than in most other expensive places where they would prefer to employ someone with many years of experience.
    Having lived in several highly developed countries (US, Germany etc.) throughout my life, I am not impressed by Brno at all. Life here is simply boring, and the inability to understand the Czech language is a big barrier. Not the speaking Czech language will cause you problems when dealing with immigration, sending a package at the post office, opening a bank account or getting a haircut. Czech people are not so friendly toward foreigners, especially the Brno police. Brno was the first place in the world where I got fined for jaywalking. They charged me 500 CZK for that which was probably the maximum limit for that kind of offense (according to a Czech colleague). The frequent presence of Brno police throughout the city is discomforting and it feels a bit like a policed city. According to one American colleague, his kids were bullied in school for having an American dad and were ostracized.

    If one needs to leave apartment prematurely, your security deposit will be confiscated by the landlord. They will say that the contract has to be honored and will not bother to try find another tenant in time to return you the deposit. Apartments are way overpriced and the prices are almost comparable to nearby Vienna, which has much more to offer and a much more developed economy. Be prepared to give out 350-600 euros for the apartment. With “good” salaries of 900-1300 euros, this will be in most cases 40-50% of your salary. If you are a party person and like to go out, you can forget about saving money.

    Your first salary is basically what you will stay with. The increases in salary are minuscule and it might take you 10 years to reach any respectable level.
    Air quality is questionable as the center of Brno is surrounded by high-traffic highways. Water quality is also not the best as it contains high amount of dissolved matter. Be ready to scrub your bathroom every 2 weeks. Because of bad air, you will need to wipe away the dust daily on every surface in your apartment.

    The food quality in Czech republic is a disaster if you were ever accustomed to nice dining. Most cheap restaurants provide high-carb, low protein meals (90-120 CZK) which your body will not be happy with after a while, and you will turn into a fat slob if you consume that on a daily basis. Cooking at home is a viable option if you have the discipline. The only recommended grocery stores are of German origin (Kaufland, Billa).
    There are a couple of good restaurants, but unless you have a good salary, you can forget about dining out on a regular basis. Brno is also the first place where I got severe food poisoning after eating potato salad at a cheap restaurant.

    Czech Republic is according to Bloomberg the most decadent country in the world, and it seems there is something behind it. If you believe in good moral values, you will not like this place. Most people that prefer Czech Republic over other countries are of questionable morality. The divorce rate here is 66% and most relationships are quite fragile and not very lasting.

    Weather in Brno is depressing as throughout most of the year the sky is grey and it is raining. The only exception is the period between May and mid August.

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