37 thoughts on ““Inside Infosys BPO Brno: Low-Cost Call Center with Unfair Labor Practices”

  1. Guys seriously, I’m from France and worked for Infosys 1 year and sorry the author yoru post is a fucking rubish… you talk about things you obvisouly don’t have any clue… don’t call urself a journalist please…

    I have friends working fror IBM,PPJand its all the same, money advantages ect

    You put a shitty link about India and talk about indian pppl btu my friend the management in onfosys in Brno is ONLY europeans, its maybe not the best as all customer centers but if you used a bit ur brain you would know that Infosys is one of the most respected in India, everyone i met during my travels inmany country from india knew it and it has a very high reputation…

    Well I don’t care much about the company btu I was grateful wheni was 21 finishing university that they gave me my chance….

    Thanks for posting such crapy post and please do better next time this one smell shit 🙂

    Without regards, Vincent

    1. T’es parti de chez eux alors que c’est eux les plus forts ? Curieux, ça. On dirait bien des salades tout ce que tu racontes. Le lavage de cerveau marche à merveille, après tout. Quant à la bêtise…

  2. My dear…

    My IP is in Thailand as I’m working there but from france :


    Good proove for you ?

    I worked there only 6 months as my project closed next but my girlfriend work there for 4 years and many of my friends worked and still do…. and are not ex communist slaves as your ignorant and offending comment other post say..

    Working hours are normal, salary in the average for this kind of job ( 24 000 courons ), manager talk to you normally, you have holidays, cafeteria, can take a break, english improvment lessons for free ect, I really wonder how you can write such things without any clue…

    May I ask where you’re from ?

    1. Sorry , somehow I missed this comment.
      Because of your opinion I will increasing the rating +1
      BTW the salary that you wrote in CR you can not live normal …Not now
      yes, during the time .. 🙂

  3. Hi, I know Vinc cos I was working in infosys with him, he is French and I am Czech, I worked in infosys for 4 years and I do not agree with what you say at all. I’m out of there from the beginning of 2011 but I don’t think it would change that much, I met lots of great people there from all over the world and my experience helped me to find a great job in Asia !! IBM and other companies of this kind are all the same! I have friends there and basically everyone complains about the same. Infosys is a company to start up your career, you are not supposed to stay too long, well there is not so much growth opportunity but you can find job elsewhere after having experience from there..

    1. Hi Marketa
      some people are happy with the salary of 22.000 CZK gross, I know
      But these people doesn’t have a kids, own house , and looking forward for each salary day , every month.
      To have something to eat , 1-2 beers daily is enough for this kind of people.
      i have a friend from Sweden. She working in a normal shop as a saleswoman. she traveling two times in the year to the exotic destinations, feed two kids , and have own house without a loans
      so, its depends by the values ??of the person

  4. Hi Vincent
    I have found your profile in Facebook. Unfortunately I am not using LinkedIn but ask a college to check your profile. the Result – Your linkedin profile (name) and your facebook profile doesn’t match.
    I know that EU do not longer accept job seekers outside EU. Pity , but you should accept that decision. Of course if you are not happy you can send your notice to European Parliament

    !Please note that the board is only interested of the opinions of European Union citizens!
    If you like you can create a board dedicated to your area because the different countries have different rules and requirements. its up to you


  5. Both of them say I work in thailand in the wine business…

    Since when europe doesn’t accept non european citizens ?? I have friends from asia, south am working there so where you got this info ?

    As I’m from europe I think this board include me and all my ex team worker from infosys, want a copy of my passport to prove my nationality seriously ? ^^

    Btw I puted your adress on my fb you should have some more comments soon 😉

    1. Vincent , I do not like the French wine 🙂 it`s sweet for me 🙂
      As I know Czech Republic do not allow the non EU citizens to his labor market since April 2012. Please open jobs.cz , and find out the requirements , especially the job offers from AT&T
      I have friends from India where they worry about their work permists
      if they quit the present job they will loose the work permit too.


  6. Hi,

    Vincent linked this thread, and it’s quite a laugh. Indeed it would make anybody that knows him question the serious of this site. Though i admit his post was a bit harsh on you, i’m pretty sure all of it is true, since he’s worked there.

    First of all, i’d like to confirm he IS actually french. We went to the same school together, i won’t give the name here for privacy reasons, mine mainly, but feel free to ask on my email adress.

    Secondly, you ask him for proof, when the journalist gives none. As an example of that, i’ll only copy paste this :

    I had several conversations with employees of this company but they were too scared to write their opinion directly.

    So please, be consistent in your messages.

    Also, when it comes to labor laws in france, you ARE actually supposed to be at home on your working hours if you are on leave for sickness, since the governement pays your salary instead of the company. You can be checked on, and if you are not at home, you are considered a fraud. Check it up.

    In the end, this post should probably be rewritten. I’m sure the intention was good, but it has been writtent with anger, not with seriousness. Check your sources, and do something new.


  7. Hi David
    Thank you for your time to write us your opinion.
    Finally we have a person which have a real profile. Thank You
    First, the information according Infosys Brno is for Brno. I don’t have any other opinions til now from another places.
    I really don’t care about the location of this person. He said France, I found something other.What you will do at my place ?
    Another point is his language.I really do not respect the people creating a noise , acting as a actors, and Big Brother behavior.
    David, I am not angry to this company. This is only my style. i do not hate anybody , I just try to give to the people more information than companies like to share in internet. If you open “Glassdoor” you can compare my opinion with the others.
    I would like to show to the people the hidden face of the corporation.
    In Brno many people has been started in this company and after few months quit.There is something wrong. The purpose of this board is to find out what is wrong with this company.
    About The location of this person is he really French or not this is not the topic of this board .Lets assume – yes. That fact doesn’t change anything.
    If he , or you, post your opinion with facts I will publish it.
    About the home sick days :
    According the law nobody can enter or come in my home without my permissions or permissions from the court
    Tracking, monitoring is a criminal act. In case in France this behavior is allowed all the people should fight.
    For example I never will join a company which treat me like a prisoner, monitoring my phone conversation, count my minutes in the toilet …
    sorry I just described Infosys Brno


  8. Marketa, Juha Y
    I am sorry, but I will not publish your comments, because I don’t like to spam the board.
    I really don’t need any proofs that Vincent is from France.We are not “Big Brother” The topic of this board is Infosys Brno

    Thank you for your understanding

  9. Dear Admin,

    Agree my nationality doesn’t really matter, will just comeback to one of your point :

    i have a friend from Sweden. She working in a normal shop as a saleswoman. she traveling two times in the year to the exotic destinations, feed two kids , and have own house without a loans
    so, its depends by the values ??of the person

    Well how old is your friend ? In france you start with a basic salary of 1000 euros 24 cz is more or less the same in infosys ( 25 k), my rent was 10 k in Brno in france would be double, my beer, food the same…

    The issue in europe is that people doesn’t let their chance to young and I’m sorry between 1k in france/italy/uk and almost the same in cz the choice was easily made and give the opportunity to travel and see something else too..
    I have friends working in Paris witch have less at the end of the month than I had in cz while got double salary and +, i have a job offer in singapoure for high salary but my rent would take half of it so it mostly depends of the living cost… buy a flat in paris, NY and Brno you will see 😉

    Don’t compare sweden anc cz where the living cost is totally different , if you safe 20 % of your salary in sweden you will have much more at the end than in cz for sure…

    For paradise place well I’m moving to the maldives next month so not too much jealousy from my side 😛

    For the wine well I would just say that nobody is perfect 😉

    1. Hi Vincent
      She is 38 years old
      Yes 1k is ok to start if you are 20 years old , no kids , living together with your parents but .. As I mentioned before a tram driver salary in Czech Rebublic is over 35k . How you can compare a poor government company with giant like IBM ?! of course we should blame the people which agree to work with these money, not the corporation. I had a conversation with a Manager in IBM and he said – If we should increase the salaries then the better solution is to move the company in another (cheaper) country. shame to the corporations like this . If you are fan of the movie “The Matrix” you will remember the words of Agent Smith – “You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure. ”

      To be honest we do not fight for a bigger salary, We fight for more respect , and better work environment.
      Every normal human being should receive a normal salary to be able to meet the daily needs saving, buying a books, traveling , grow the kids , work without stress.
      you know the world become crazy during the last years . And the part of the problems are the greedy politics and the greedy corporation. They are working together ..

  10. I was talking to the point not only about the nationality, well, I had almost 30000 a month and was not a manager nor a team leader. Maybe you should prove yourself and work hard to get better salary. If I did not like something, I talked to my manager and all was solved with no trouble or hesitation. Once I started to feel that I have no more space to grow up in the company and wanted better salary, I resigned and found a new job. I advise you to do the same. If you don’t like the place you are, move. You are not a tree! If you don’t like Czech laws, go back to your home, no one is forcing you to stay!

    1. Oh, Dear Marketa
      Its too late for me to become a coward. I prefer to fight in each country where I am.
      That`s why I won the case against Vodafone CR with my lawyer.The European commission know about this act of discrimination yet.
      do you know that Slovak mobile operators have 5 times less prices when calling EU ?
      do you know that your home internet is 3 times more expensive than some countries in EU ?
      do you know that Czech landlords do not like to invest money , only to earn?
      The reason
      Im not going to prove myself because I am not an actor. If the manager is smart enough, he will discover me. I am not going to do his tasks, as he not going to do my tasks.
      Unfortunately you already a slave.you lost the fight ,and give yourself. I am sorry to say this
      I am not against Czech people , I am fighting together with them.
      You ask me to go home, but you don’t ask the rest of the Czech go back from Uk,Holland, Germany ? weird ..
      Of course if I working for 30k I will quit immediately . I can not sped 8 hours of my life every day, to make some corporation rich , and at the same time my kids will starving . sorry, that is not my way
      The corporation do not care about me and my kids , why I should be involved with their profit as an owner ?!
      I would like to travel , to purchase a books, to help to the helpless..
      with this 30k you will only survive
      my current salary is 110k and this is not a big deal, to be honest and you asking me to change my job ?

  11. By the way I worked in Bloomberg after fenwal and after Chubb as CSR and after Executive. There is just one Marketa who was in these three projects so you can check it with the HR manager.

  12. Well so have you worked in infosys or not?! How much did you gain there? By the way, I have travelled a lot, enjoy my life and yes I have no family yet but once I have one, I will definitely not be working for a start up company as infosys is or I would already have a managerial position. The point is infosys is not a company to make money, it’s to start up your career.. I do not feel as a slave and I never did,I had good times and enjoyed enough..

  13. I would really appreciate if u can send me an email of who is brainwashing there and how they control your private stuff etc etc. I am not there since beginning of 2011 but it really seems too exaggerated to me what you are sharing here.

    1. I can not do it without a permission of the person. I will ask.
      As I mentioned before its depend of the human personality. For some people 600 euros is huge salary, to others is a compensation for unemployment
      some people are agreed to work in any condition , because they don’t know what is a real company and never seen a good company before.some people do not know what is a brainwashing because they never been outside of the washing machine .. so depends …

  14. No , never. For me is enough to know that the company is not European to start to avoid it.The guest companies do not care so much about the locals. Also i got several invitation for job from HCL – Norway I refused because of the same reason.
    In Infosys I have two friends . The first one already quit after 2 months “work experience” , the second urgently looking for another opportunity.
    From my point of view such companies are not suitable especially for start a career, because I will be poisoned in the very beginning by their brain washing procedures.they have a lot, according my friends description

  15. Then I think it should be your friends writing here and sharing their opinions, why should they be afraid? I still do not agree about the brainwashing but I guess it depends on the person, the project you work for and maybe they have new people, when I was there it was not like that. Now I have a manager position in Asia and my experience from Infosys helped me in my search for job and I still persist on the fact that I had a great time there, met loads of amazing people who are my friends until today and some of them are working on great posts now and having a good life. Yes, starting salary was not the best but it is not that easy to find a job where you would be offered a great salary when you have no experience. And I remember many people complaining a lot about Infosys and guess what – they still work there!!! So there must be something wrong and maybe it is not only the company itself as you say.. It would be better if someone who really experienced brainstorming and Big Brother kind of monitoring would share here exactly what happens there, what projects, etc. if they resigned they do not have to be afraid!

  16. easy to explain. some people called it “the monetary slavery”
    when your salary is enough only to pay the rent , have something to eat, and unable to save a money then these persons are unable to start something new, without a huge expenses .also Infosys provide a “relocation package” which should be returned if you quit within one year. Smart move isn’t it 🙂 and create slaves. The person which still working there know about this topic, but he is too scared to put his opinion till now. yes he is not brave enough , but I can not judge him.during our last conversation he said – “I will post my opinion”. so we should waiting for that.
    >”And I remember many people complaining a lot about Infosys and guess what – they still work there!!!”
    Of course. Infosys can not give them the knowledge necessary to find a better job. There is a big difference between “I wish” and “I can”. They have not a choice.In the same way I was forced to stay 3 months more that I expected in a company which do not respect .
    Marketa I think to stop with my comments for a while. Lets give the opportunity to the other people to post something new. This board was opened before a month ago, and I am pretty sure that we will have more opinions here soon. Just be patient. If you like to discuss with me another topic please use the contact email
    OMG .. my contact form is missing . I will create it

  17. Who gets 600 euros ? its like 15 000 cz and as far as I know everyone start over 20 k in infosys so give correct numbers 🙂

    Btw 110 k in cz is pretty good, even in France not so many peoples are doing that… In infosys without being a team leader you can expect 25-30k max after 2-3 y then 40 and + if you move to tl and 60-80 and + for managers i believe.

    Btw I will get more than you in my next job and probably much younger than you hehe :p

  18. Unfortunately the salary there (for the call center) is 22-23k gross. In this way the people are forced to take some overtime during the weekends (to have some extra money, not only for food and rent) instead working on shifts which is better for the people.My experience as a manager is over 7 years. But I do not like to be a manager in the outsourcing companies .My relation with the employees is friendly , and this is not suitable in these companies. I should be a guard, than manager 🙂 I am pretty sure that you are much younger than me 🙂 during the time you will be able to understand my point of view 🙂

  19. Why are you making out of Czech people stupid slaves? I am feeling offended by what you are saying. No one is forcing no one to work for this company!!! If they cannot find a better job (if Infosys is that bad as you say) then it is their problem, sorry.. And by the way, my teamleaders and managers there were people who I do call friends, they were understanding, supportive and helpful. You have stupid, selfish and unkind people in every company all over the world. I worked abroad in Europe and in Asia, met loads of people of different nationalities and cultures, maybe I am not that younger than you but neither me, I still do not get what is your point.. Give relevant reasons, prove your points, mention projects where this is happening.. Why are your friends so afraid? Why are they still working in Infosys if it is that bad? Why is it not them to share this? Why people there do not protest then? I am Czech, I am not a post-communist slave with no opinion, brainwashed and complaining and doing nothing and working my ass off for 22000 gross salary.. We live in 21st century, come on!! It is everyone´s choice! You, with what you say, only make out of Czechs some retards who are useless and unable to do anything. This all sounds like some George Orwell´s or Aldous Huxley´s utopia.. I really wish some people who work there now would share their opinions here…

  20. Well, I wonder if all those people for whose rights you are fighting do care about the global problem.. I think you already know the answer.. As you said, the purpose of this board is not someone´s personal life, in this case it is Infosys BPO in Brno, the company that you are attacking, we do not talk about Vodafone here (but thanks for yoour info, I did not know that), nor my last ten years or my decisions to work abroad. And yes, I agree, many projects from different companies were moved to cheaper countries now and so many people lost their jobs, on the other hand many new companies came afterwards and so there were new opportunities for everyone.
    However, here we should talk about Infosys Brno only, not about the global thing in general, so let´s come to the point and the very beginning:
    1) The worst company in Brno Czech Republic ever, according to the employees who working there – who says that? what they say? Give some examples..
    2) It is not IT company. It is a call center only doing the dirtyb and thankless work – Well, this is INFOSYS BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) no one is saying or ever said that it was IT company
    3) The company do not follow the Czech Labor code . You do not have the same rights as the other people in another companies like IBM and RedHat. – Again, please, be specific and give examples
    4) Infosys creates total brain washing procedures to control people`s life and behavior. – why? how? interview people and let them share their opinions, prove your points
    5) Infosys counts every minute which you spend in the work duties even you have a fixed time to visit the toilet – how do they apply this in practice?
    6) The salaries are extremly low.Respect = zero.There are some internal company rules which break the EU labor code at all. – Again, please, give details, be specific, compare with other, at best Czech, companies
    7) checking the peoples at their homes during their sick days. During your sick days you should be at home. if this company “catch” you outside , or you are not at home you will be pushed , even fired.This company still dont know that EU citizens have a different rights than non EU citizens – check the Czech labour law and give the paragraphs, show examples and compare with other companies, plus this is a normal procedure, when you are sick you are not supposed to be partying outside, shopping or dining, you are getting paid and you have given time every day when you can manage all your duties outside your home
    8) The employees advice is : stay away from Infosys BPO Brno – give more details please

  21. I dont have a personal experience with this company. and never will ..
    My information is based on a private conversation (f2f) with 4 persons.
    One of these persons was my college in another IT company. She is Czech and give me many details about the work there
    So, I only share information which I took from other people. its impossible to have a personal experience with each low cost company in EU . Well, comparing the information received by the people which working in another companies in Brno I decide that Infosys have the worst working condition in the area. Or you don’t believe in my judgment? The people which coming from Infosys to ATT or IBM says the same. Infosys is worst than others
    Please understand the fact as an admin of the board I am not required to prove every statement. We are not at the court. Even it can be only my personal opinion in my personal blog board. Even I can wrong for some details.That`s why the board is open and everybody can post his opinion, to be agree or not agree. As I mentioned before this is a corporate free area.
    Yes , they dont have the same rights.
    In IBM , ATT, Redhat , and other nobody going to check your presence at home during the sick days.In these companies nobody measure your time when visiting the toilet .
    If you are sick or dont feeling well you only need to inform the manager. not necessary to go to the hospital to obtain some proofs.You can take a home office too
    And so on
    So shortly , Marketa I am not going to prove every my statement here. you are free to read it , or not , or create another blog to post your opinion , but please do not involve me anymore with these discussion.
    Be patient , soon this board will be indexed in Google and will become visible to more people. Then I expect more opinions including the proofs which you need .
    I am not the person which can provide the details for each company.The readers will do this
    If we continue to post the comments in a same way, soon this topic will be very hard for reading , and I should cleanup some of the comments. I don’t like to do that. We are not only the people in this world 🙂

  22. Hi, I will not comment the procedures of Infosys company, because I don´t work there. But I am Czech and I have a good knowledge of Czech Labor Code, which as I can see you do not. There is nothing stated in the Labor Code about breaks after every single hour of work. Basically, you are only entitled to lunch break. You have no clue how this works e.g. in supermarkets.

    The worst thing here is about checking people on their sick days. It is totally normal, and also stated in the law, that your employer is fully ENTITLED to check if you are at home during your sickness. They can do it by themselves, or there is also an authority who does it instead of them. If any employer has sick days withouth checking what you are doing, it is only his good will! I fully recommed you the Czech movie “Všichni musí být v pyžamu” – “Everyone has to be in his pyjamas”.

    So please don´t tell rubbish to foreigners and read the Czech Labor Code before you start to write here something about it! I don´t know where you are from, but definitely not Czech Republic, so stop telling what you have no clue about.

    Also it is totally funny how you try to mess EU and non-EU citizens to it. This is the top for me, because EVERY single employee here has the same LEGAL conditions, does not matter where he/she is from (not the same when searching for a job and work permit, but this is a different story).

    So, if here are only your OPINIONS don´t mess it with Labor Code. Thank you.

    1. Mcihaela !
      Yes you are Czech, I see it and you not been outside of the country I can feel it. And for sure you do everything for 500 KC like the rest of these nice !! country..

  23. Dear Michaela

    My signature is exist on the document related to safety policy on the work place, which mentioned about these breaks
    Its up to you to accept or not any working conditions or rules which do you like
    But there are another category people which do not like the work place and the sweet home to become a kind of Big Brother show. I speaking about the people which would like to live in a better world.
    And in some democratic countries the people have a rights to shoot unwanted visitors.
    I guess you are right that the checking at home is legal , but I can not accept it anyway , and (If I am not wrong) this act is against the EU human rights constitution.
    So I am a kind a person who never will sign a contract which allow to somebody to disturb me at my home even at work.
    I will tell to the people what I want because they are free to read this blog or not. You are free to create your Web page and tell us that Infosys is wonderful company or let us know more about the Czech Labor code.
    I respect your opinion. As you are Czech citizen I can advice you to “fight” more to people’s rights in our own country and where your children will grow and live.


    “Also it is totally funny how you try to mess EU and non-EU citizens to it. This is the top for me, because EVERY single employee here has the same LEGAL conditions, does not matter where he/she is from (not the same when searching for a job and work permit, but this is a different story).”
    I do not mess it Dear Michaela . The Czech managers doing it. As the rest of the people are only guests in CR there a huge discrimination against non CR citizens. This blog is well describing it..not even the managers .. I can send you a copy of the invoice where a friend of mine (foreigner) was charged appx 6.400 CZK for his dog medical exam in Jaggy pet clinic in Brno. I do not tell you bullshits Michaela. Everything here is based on some real story … subjective or not, I can not decide ..

  24. Vincent, arrête tes salades, c’est de la merde en boîte ton Infosys. Et depuis quand les Thailandais en ont quelque chose à foutre des vins français, quand ils en ont des aussi bons, voire meilleurs et radicalement moins chers ?

    Quant à marketa, elle aussi spam-girl de la boîte sus-nommée, elle ne fait qu’aggraver la situation. C’est une société IT dans laquelle le temps passe et tu t’emmerdes, les “projets” passent et tu n’avances pas. Tu perds même ta famille. Pour 800 euros par mois, je trouve plus plaisant de curer les chiottes, et encorte, ce boulot déplaisant vaut une plus forte rémunération.

    Mes respects.

    Admin: I’ve written to Vincent in his native language. If by cahnce he’s able to decypher my words, then there’ll be no doubt he’s a true French. Nevertheless, I’ve made my own idea about “the company”, following a lot of posts over the net: it’s shit, where today slaves are happy to bath in.

  25. Vincent, arrête tes salades, c’est de la merde en boîte ton Infosys. Et depuis quand les Thailandais en ont quelque chose à foutre des vins français, quand ils en ont des aussi bons, voire meilleurs et radicalement moins chers ?

    Quant à marketa, elle aussi spam-girl de la boîte sus-nommée, elle ne fait qu’aggraver la situation. C’est une société IT dans laquelle le temps passe et tu t’emmerdes, les “projets” passent et tu n’avances pas. Tu perds même ta famille. Pour 800 euros par mois, je trouve plus plaisant de curer les chiottes, et encorte, ce boulot déplaisant vaut une plus forte rémunération.

    Mes respects.

    Admin: I’ve written to Vincent in his native language. If by chance he’s able to decypher my words, then there’ll be no doubt he’s a true French. Nevertheless, I’ve made my own idea about “the company”, following a lot of posts over the net: it’s shit, where today slaves are happy to bath in.

  26. Thanks for your knowledge anyway. i was about to sign with them, being “motivated” byt the “attractive” salary. You can piss in the streets and get paid double for that in other countries. Wel… it seems like you have some detractors here, people who “know best”. 🙂

  27. ohh my friends, i work at infosys brno and i cant say its bad there.
    all is regular and well organized.
    yes you need to work for your money like everywhere else.

    i worked before in bangkok,manila,ireland and germany and have enough experience at callcenters.
    actually its the best i ever worked before.

  28. I had scheduled two interviews with Infosys (not in Brno) but they did not called me even informing me that interview is canceled. They provide me funny explanation like “traffic jam” “people are busy” and other bullshits. From my opinion this company shouldn’t be in Europe because did not follow any elementary rules.They do not respect the people.
    They are cheaters
    Free advice to the employees and the companies which working with Infosys – Stay away from this crappy company

  29. I every time spent my half an hour to read this web site’s content all the time along with a
    mug of coffee.

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